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Successful Project Completion


With regret I must announce that – Atyaf Avenue project recently came to an end. It was a great experience and a fun time to work with the project owner and consultant with a refined and forward-looking vision .1 year of extensive work and a great team effort led to a highly successful project. Part of its success was due to extensive preparation and well-structured project management From – Vado Consultant ( Vision Architect and Design Engineering Consultants ) . It took an enormous effort to guide the vast number of activities that led to successful Project .We will remember these experiences for many years to come.Due to our cooperation with the Client team and the Consultant Team the whole procedure was carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible.

DTC can start to define the project designing process

DTC can start to define the project designing process even when the customer is in the stage of preliminary planning. In this case, together with the customer, design requirements are defined clearly and customer is informed about the technological choices application calendar and budget costs can be made. The purpose is to come up with the most feasible solution and to apply this solution in the shortest and most economical way. The time allocated on engineering is crucial in order to solve any difficulty or confusion that might come up in the future.