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Water Networks

Water Networks

DTC rightly claims to offer turnkey solutions to your construction needs. We cover all possible aspects in the construction sector so that our customers won’t have to outsource any relevant service from any third party. We offer all construction solutions under one roof to ensure that our customers can have access to all construction services they are looking for from one place to save their time and any confusion involving more than 1 vendor or firm. In the quest to satisfactorily serve our customers we offer water network services in all residential and commercial buildings.

Water networks tend to be installed in the grey structure of buildings which is why we have covered this area so we can offer a complete construction facility to our clients. Our designers intelligently design the construction layout to provide adequate room for underground wiring, water networking, and other matters. The water network we offer is an extensive interconnection of water sources, pipelines, and hydraulic elements including valves, regulators, tanks, pipes, etc. We ensure that the installed water network delivers the required water quantity to customers at the required water pressure and water quality.

Quality assurance

DTC is a name of quality and we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the quality of equipment we use. Superior quality equipment means leak-proof water networks to satisfy our customers.

How DTC operates

Our team of professional engineers and talented technicians form the structural layout by keeping customer water needs in mind. We outline all sewerage, water treatment, and water flow structure to get customer approval. Our highly experienced design team also shows a virtual display of the water network to share realistic and practical aspects with clients. We also show them the equipment and components we are going to install in the water network to avoid any confusion later. Our top preference is to get our customers on board with all decisions whether minor or major.


You must be wondering what makes DTC superior to other market suppliers of water networking services. Well, DTC is proud to own the required resources and capabilities to fully install a water network by ensuring customer satisfaction. We outclass our competitors because of the following reasons

  • We have a qualified and experienced team
  • We meet quality standards by procuring quality equipment including pipes, valves, accessories, haunching, encasement, thrust blocks, chambers, tanks, and other such necessary components.
  • Leak-proof water networking
  • Follow industry best practices
  • All networking is done as per industry regulations
  • Green practices are adopted throughout the water network installation. We follow the green principles of minimizing water wastage.
  • We take measures for water filtration to supply quality water through our water networks
  • We take all safety measures while installing water networks. The safety of our employees is our utmost preference. We also ensure that the water network equipment is safely installed to avoid any equipment or leakage issues in the future.
  • A trustworthy maintenance service is also offered. Water tanks need proper cleaning and sanitization after a certain time. We guide our customers about the required maintenance of the water tank and other installed equipment along with the probable life of equipment so that it can be changed timely to avoid any issues.