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Plumbing is the basic need of a construction structure and like other domains of construction, DTC offers high-class plumbing services to its customers. Our plumbing team takes full responsibility for designing a well-elaborated plumbing plan as per the needs and demands of our customers and building dynamics. We offer a well-defined system of pipes and fixtures for efficient distribution and use of drinkable water and the removal of water waste.

We are successfully serving the KSA market for more than a decade and we are glad that there never has been a complaint. Customer satisfaction is our utmost preference. This is why we work in collaboration with our customers to understand their requirements and preferences but we also keep the building specifications and government regulations in mind. We try to brief our customers about realistic and practical plans as per the country’s laws and regulations so that they approve the plan wholeheartedly and make informed decisions.

We offer our plumbing services for all sorts of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, health care, and others.

Plumbing Systems DTC serves

We offer services for varied plumbing systems including

  • Recycled water
  • Drainage
  • Specially treated water plants
  • Potable water facility
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Storm Water units
  • Irrigation department
  • Chemical wastes in drainage
  • Wastewater

DTC Plumbing services

Our superior plumbing services include (but are not confined to) the following:

  • Leakage repair
  • Toilet repair
  • Installment of new plumbing system
  • Repair and upgrade existing plumbing system
  • Heater replacement (for hot water facility)
  • Water heater service
  • Garbage disposal repair and replacement
  • Sewer installation and repair
  • Gas pipe installation, maintenance, and repair
  • Fixtures and pipe installation for new plumbing systems
  • Drain cleaning
  • Regular maintenance offer


DTC is best among all competitors not only because of the versatile services we offer but ecause of our modern procedures, professional team and pumping systems that deem us a better company as compare to our competitors. Our distinctive characteristics are discussed below:

Professional Team

Our team consists of professional engineers, architects, and plumbing staff who stay deeply involved in the project from planning to execution to stay consistent with the approved plan. Our highly skilled technicians precisely test the performance of all plumbing equipment before declaring the project completion. We make sure to provide the necessary and latest training to all our team members to enable them to update their skills and keep up with technological advancements.

High-quality booster pumps

Efficient and high-quality booster pumps are a prerequisite to ensuring a good and uninterrupted flow of water from taps. DTC has a partnership with international water booster pump manufacturers who provide us exceptionally efficiently and ISO-certified pumps. These corrosion-resistant and high-volume pumping booster pumps improve the flow of water. Installing those pumps surely help us to offer improved service to our customers.

Safety concerns

Plumbing tasks can cause safety risks, especially when dealing with objects and equipment that often transmit electricity. As water accelerates the electric current and plumbing are basically dealing with water supplying equipment so there is always a risk involved. Our team takes all preventive measures to minimize the risk to ensure their safety and perfectly install and test the equipment to make sure that our customers safely enjoy our plumbing service. We follow strict safety protocols and use construction management software to monitor that all sops are followed at all levels.