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About Us

Dorar Tammam Co. offers a construction platform for turnkey construction services. We are proudly serving the constructor sector of Saudi Arabia since 2004. Owing to our highly skilled and talented team of Engineers and staff, state-of-the-art equipment, adoption of the latest technology and procedures, the applicability of innovation, timeliness of project completion, and zero compromises on quality we have earned an unparalleled market repute and goodwill.
Our construction services are not confined to any one sector. Rather we believe in diversity and innovation and offer varied construction services ranging from industries (factories, cold storage units, warehouses) to commercial (high-rise luxury buildings, iconic landmarks, power plants, hotels, and hospitality projects) to residential (housing schemes, apartments, houses) to institutions (school projects) to structural fabrication and Infrastructure development projects in collaboration with government.

We have already proven our out-class services in all these sectors during recent years which is why we have gained not only customers’ trust but also established valuable contacts in the region that help us in timely construction. Be it a small or complex project, our team works with utmost dedication and passion to provide valuable and timely services to satisfy the unique needs of all clients. Up till now, we have proudly served all our clients satisfactorily across Gulf ranging from corporate elites to government agencies. With the capacity and passion to serve the construction sector, we look forward to growing and covering even more construction projects in the future. With our current industrial-strength, equipment, latest technology dependency, modern procedures adoption, and experienced team we are confident to serve the construction industry in all sectors ranging from small scale to highly complex projects.

We believe in providing superior quality construction services to our clients. In our quest to follow quality construction practices we have gained essential ISO certification. We precisely follow the HSE and sustainability standards of the construction industry. We also follow international standards regarding safety procedures to ensure the safety of our constructed projects and the staff working on those projects. We strive to continuously upgrade our safety protocols regarding operational safety, human safety, human health, environmentally green practices, and community goodwill.

Our corporate philosophy is to satisfy the diverse and unique needs and demands of our clients. We take each project as a new adventure and plan it as per the customers’ unique demands by keeping them in the loop with our expert architects, designers, and engineers. We adapt per each project to provide exactly what our client is looking for. We strive to offer the best value for money and timely completion of projects. Acknowledging the importance of time, we plan and implement realistic milestones to complete the project on promised deadline.

We have the best team of expert engineers, architects, project managers, and professional staff who work together to provide our clients seamless and quality services. We understand that the construction industry is evolving with each passing day due to new technological development and modern best practices. This is why our team at DTC is continuously trained to adapt to new procedures, advanced technology, and the latest practices to offer you the best mix of services. Being a reliable construction company, DTC promises to materialize all your construction dreams into a construction reality using cutting-edge technology with exceptionally superior quality.