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Fireproofing of Steel Structure with DTC

When it comes to fireproofing and fire protection for buildings, no one does it better than DTC. We make use of cutting-edge tools with decades of expertise and a commitment to industry standards. Our team of professionals applies a number of methods within a larger passive fire prevention plan, so customers are in full compliance with safety rules and industry standards.

Prominent Leaders in the Field of Fire Safety

Every decision we make is informed by our expert understanding of how fire damages steel. Depending on the severity of the circumstances, a structural fire may achieve temperatures of 800°C or greater.

At around 550°C, structural steel begins to lose its load-bearing qualities. The average steel frame can withstand fire for 15 minutes if it is not covered. Our team of installers provides a choice of solutions to extend minimum durations of resistance, in compliance with industry fireproofing regulations for structural steel.

Because of their extensive background, the professionals at DTC are able to guide their customers confidently through the maze of regulations that apply to high-rise buildings. You need to be aware of the specific dangers posed by things like compartment walls, floor slabs, and ceiling gaps. Furthermore, we use a wide range of vendors to get premium fireproofing materials and construction goods. We can provide you advice on secondary needs like thermal insulation and soundproofing, and suggest the finest options for individual construction components.

Fire Protection Experts Using Intumescent Coatings

Spray-applied paint, boards, and thin-film intumescent coatings are just some of the intumescent fireproofing options that can be found at DTC. Protective coating for steel beams and other structural parts, intumescent paint includes thermodynamic chemicals that expand into a solid, carbonaceous layer at temperatures about 250 degrees Fahrenheit. By doing so, the building’s fire rating, which is typically between 30 and 90 minutes, is increased. Intumescent coatings applied to steel reinforcements extend the time firefighters have to douse fires and evacuate residents. If you want to find out more about intumescent paint, you can do so by checking out this specific website.

Safety Regulations

Specializing in spray-applied fireproofing, we ensure that structures meet current structural fire safety regulations and are protected from fire damage. Project managers and contractors that specialize in spray fireproofing start communicating with customers early on to learn as much as possible about the specifics of each project. They may now put in place supplementary procedures to better provide their services.

Plastering and Boarding Steel Joists

In certain building situations, intumescent paint may not be the best option due to logistical considerations. Project duration, climate, and accessibility concerns all fall under this category.

Steel columns may be protected for up to 240 minutes and steel beams for up to 180 minutes if fireproof boards are used. Rigid mineral wood is used to make these boards, which may be fastened to steel joists, columns, and decks.

Should you be interested in fireproofing your steel structure, contact DTC and get a quotation right now. Our experts will be happy to help you throughout the process!