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Fire safety

From project planning to execution and maintenance DTC stays committed to its customers. We offer unparalled and flawless fire alarm systems and fire protection systems to ensure fire safety.  We extend our services to the private sector, government sector, and semi-government sector.

DTC is dedicated to providing protective solutions to its customers for any unfortunate fire incident. We want our customers to feel safe and sound in the buildings they work and reside. We have devoted an entire team to ascertain regular and continuous maintenance of all fire safety systems installed by DTC.

From conventional fire safety systems to modern technology-based systems, DTC offers a wide variety of fire safety methods to customers to secure their premises. Customers can choose the fire safety system as per their requirements, fire eruption probability and building structural needs.


We offer fire system services based on the latest technology because we believe that technological advancement is for the larger god of the society and we want to be the pioneers in KSA to offer the latest systems to our customers. We also strictly follow government regulations and industry guidelines (for industries and commercial units) while desiging fire safety systems. In quest of following latest technology we ensure that our staff is well-trained to operate, install and test technical equipment which is why we continuously provide training to our concerned employees. What makes our service special is our commitment to precisely test each installed fire system to ensure its’ functionality.

Our services:

Our services include:

  • Planning of fire system as per building and clients needs
  • Designing of effective fire system to ensure safety of entire building
  • Getting approval from customers
  • Ensuring that safety exits are installed as per government regulations (for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings respectively)
  • Commissioning of plan and installation of fire safety system
  • Testing of the installed system to check its functionality
  • Repairing fire safety systems
  • Maintenance service for fire safety systems

Fire Safety Systems offered by DTC

DTC offers a wide range of fire safety systems to assist our customers in ensuring human and possession safety from any sort of fire incident. The fire systems we offer include the following:

  • Fire Extinguishers– We install various types of fire extinguishers including CO2, water, foam-based, dry powder, chemical, and clean agents.
  • Fire alarm system: Automated systems that initiate alarm by automatically detecting smoke, fire, or carbon mono-oxide
  • Smoke detector: It raises a warning alarm when detects smoke
  • Heat detector: The alarm goes on when the temperature of the building rises than a certain limit. This alarm can send a warning signal in the initial phase of a fire incident.
  • Fire Hydrant system
  • Firefighting and zone control valves– to ascertain immediate water flow in case of fire
  • Fire suppression system
  • Fire doors– emergency exit doors in case of fire
  • Fire fighting equipment– installation of fire extinguishers, gloves, and valves
  • Safety first aid kit
  • Fire hoses and fire buckets
  • Fire blanket
  • Flamezorb– prevent the fire from spreading
  • Fire sprinkles- water sprinkles that start flowing if the fire is detected by automated system.
  • Fire Cabinets- with accessories to put down the fire
  • Fire gear– clothes, gloves, and accessories that help to deal with fire emergency
  • Firefighter pumps- water pumps connection to use in case of emergency