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DTC relies on the strategy of opting for the market best practices and procedures to ensure continuous improvement in productivity and reliability. We are dedicated to adopting technologically advanced solutions, modern procedures, the latest processes, innovative methods, and green construction practices. We continuously upgrade our system, equipment, machinery, and tools following technological advancement to offer better construction solutions and service beyond expectations.

DTC acknowledges the importance of a good strategy that not only keeps the employees and company policy in line but also gives a clear and loud message to the World. We have worked hard to earn a reputable place in the construction arena of KSA and we strive to upgrade our strategy as per clients’ demands to maintain and even improve that repute and market position.

We understand the latest customer concerns and the required solutions to respond to those concerns. We acknowledge the leading customer concern about the hazardous and unhealthy environmental effects of construction practices. This is why we strive to adopt the best market practices to follow the green construction approach. We are committed to green practices to satisfy customer concerns and fulfill our responsibility towards society by adopting environmentally friendly business approaches to ensure a safe environment for mankind and our dear planet Earth. In the quest to act as an environmentally responsible company we are looking for ways to reduce pollution (both air and noise), reduce waste, recycling of waste, and green disposal of waste.

One other major concern of stakeholders and clients is health and safety. DTC has incorporated the international safety standards in its culture as the standard operating procedures (SOPs). The safety SOPs are embedded in our core values that are communicated company-wide to give clear directions to employees to wear safety gear where necessary and work as per safety guidelines to maintain the goal of zero injuries. Our safety concerns are not only restricted to the health and safety of our employees but we also ensure to opt for safe construction procedures to build a reliable and strong construction site. We ensure that high-quality material is used in construction by precisely following construction guidelines to offer strong and reliable construction to our clients.

DTC always follows ethical business practices and welcomes accountability and transparency. DTC follows the business strategy of offering superior quality services in a cost-effective and timely manner. In pursuit of this strategy, we opt for high-quality material, low waste (to cut cost), and an appointment of a dedicated team that is capable of finishing the project timely. We aim to grow into a reliable construction company that will be your go-to place for all your construction needs. We want to become the haven for clients who yearn for innovation, newness, and exceptional quality.

In essence, our working strategy in coherence with our vision and values is:

  • To foresee all kinds of risks and manage them systematically beforehand
  • To adopt green working practices
  • To contribute towards the good of the community and environment
  • To opt for sustainable solutions and business practices
  • Lead the industry as a company that follows green building practices relating to the environment, health & safety, and business ethics.
  • To develop the best team of dedicated, experienced, and talented employees