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Low current

DTC is offering low current systems to light up your homes or buildings. Low current systems are based on the latest technology and environmental support system. DTC always adopts innovative ways to improve its service and provide the latest technology-based solutions to its customers. We opt for all smart construction-related approaches to facilitate our customers in every possible way. These systems also referred to as extre low voltafe system operates on the low current signal by consuming extra low voltage.

We offer low current service from design to development and commissioning. We keep our customers in the loop throughout so that they know which of their systems are being run by the low current. Customer satisfaction is certainly our top priority this is why we take their approval and keep them informed at every stage.

DTC offers installation of low current systems in both residential and commercial buildings in various systems ranging from small units to large control systems. It can be installed to run the following systems smoothly:

  • IT Infrastructure
  • Cable net
  • IP systems
  • Building management system BMS
  • Access control system
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Master Clock
  • Satellite systems
  • Intercom system
  • Local area networks
  • Fire safety system
  • Dispatch system
  • Control automation systems
  • CCTVs
  • Nurse Call systems
  • Telephone and data system
  • Others

Our skilled and expert staff ensures to install low current system carefully to ensure its’ functionality. Our experienced team has the required expertise to efficiently install the low-current system and guide our customers about its’ functions so that they can easily operate it. Our team double-checks that the installed system is working properly. Our team is always available for customer assistance and guidance. DTC also ensures that all the installed equipment is of high-quality that and works perfectly well in the installed facility.

Advantages of low current systems:

Low current systems are quite beneficial which is why DTC has inclined towards offering this facility to our customers. Of course, these advantages are the reasons modern construction companies like DTC are switching to these systems. The advantages of low current systems include:

Cost-Effective- Low current systems consume less voltage implying that your electricity bill will also be lesser which helps you to save money spent on your electricity bill.

Safer buildings- Be it residential or commercial buildings, low voltage systems are much safer as compared to line voltage lighting. Because line voltage lighting can fluctuate causing serious damage to your electrical equipment. So, having a low current system will save you from all such trouble.

Elevated control and convenience– Low current system comes with a master control panel through which you can conveniently control the lighting of the entire building or house.

Reduce the risk of electric shock- As this system works on low voltage so in case of short circuits the chances of an electric shock are reduced.

Environment-friendly– Using electric equipment on low voltage means that you are conserving electric energy and doing great food for the environment.  Opting for a greener (low current) approach to consuming less electricity can help in saving depleting energy resources.