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InsideOut QE Hospital


DTC is dedicated to catering to the highly specialized construction needs of Hospitals and Healthcare units. Healthcare units need special consideration in the designing phase a minor inconvenience in design can cause trouble for patients and their families which is highly against the values of any healthcare unit. We offer healthcare construction services for all kinds of healthcare projects including hospitals, clinics, laboratories, assisted living, and specialist facilities.

Our major priority is to meet the safety standards as prescribed by the industry and government for the healthcare sector. We focus our energy on ensuring that construction is done to the highest safety standards to provide a trustworthy and comfortable space to patients, visitors, serving doctors, and staff members. Of course, we try to submerge the mandated industry guidelines with the operational preferences of our clients to design and construct a healthcare facility that facilitates all stakeholders and owners.

In our quest to offer a facility that can remain useful for the long term we focus on construction that can be easily adapted to the latest technologies, equipment, and medical procedures. Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, we want to construct facilities that can be adapted for the emergency needs of the masses.

DTC always works hard to offer perfectly sized hallways and elevators to fit in the bed of patients for easy and comfortable movement across floors. Our engineers and designers coordinate together to draft a layout that offers comfort and gives a pleasant vibe to patients who are already distressed. Our agenda is to lower the discomfort of patients as much as we can through human-friendly construction that can contribute to easy commute and movement of patients and their families.

We know how important it is to clean the environment of a hospital. In this regard, we prefer to install antimicrobial surfaces in waiting areas. The antimicrobial surfaces are easy to clean and sterilize and perfectly spaced waiting halls are bliss for waiting family members.

DTC has updated construction design and manufacturing tactics after the Covid-19 pandemic for the healthcare sector. We now offer touchless doorways and faucets to ensure the touchless movement of patients, staff, and attendants. To achieve touchless facilities we have opted for automatic doors, sensor lights, and other such equipment. This small effort is done to ensure that no passer-by catches any unwanted germ and virus while moving in the hospital.

Advanced HVAC Systems

We have also introduced advanced HVAC systems in healthcare units and hospitals. Advanced HVAC systems are installed with the aim to lower the airborne diseases that circulate through the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems in hospitals.

We also emphasize perfect flooring that ensures easy movement of stretchers, wheelchairs, and beds of patients. The normal glossy floor can slip the wheels of stretchers, wheelchairs, and patient beds which is why we give special consideration to reliable flooring.

Our highly experienced and talented team coordinates with the customer to design a perfectly spaced and shaped hospital to facilitate patients and visitors as much as we can. We will continue to work harder to facilitate people in this region.

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