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Warehouse construction company Saudi Arabia

Warehouse construction

DTC is a leading professional warehouse construction company Saudi Arabia. We offer construction services for different types of warehouses. We can professionally design and build distribution centers, public warehouses, private warehouses, climate-controlled warehouses, cold-storage facilities, and high-security pharmaceutical distribution centers.

We are proud to help in designing warehouses to assist our customers in the effective and efficient management of their products and perfect flow of the supply chain. We can custom design warehouse buildings as per the unique needs of our clients. We want to build warehouses that perfectly match the business needs of our clients so that they can get the best of it. We opt for the latest building techniques like tilt-up and precast concrete panel systems to construct buildings cost-effectively without compromising on quality.


We got the right experience to build your warehouse by keeping in view the individual customer needs. We have successfully built:

  • Cold storage facilities
  • Intermodal routing centers
  • Distribution centers
  • Tilt-up structures
  • Pre-engineered warehouses
  • Refrigerated distribution centers

And we are confident that we can build more diversified versions of warehouses as per unique client needs because we have the required capabilities and talent to do so.

Focus on details

DTC has satisfied its current clientele because of its precise focus on minor details. We believe that each minor element needs scrutiny for a perfect build to match the business needs of clients. While constructing a warehouse we take care of the following aspects:

  • Clear stack height: We ensure that the height of storage stacks is appropriate so that workers can easily store and move stock.
  • Area of warehouse: The total square feet for inventory storage is considered as per the storage needs of the client. We prefer to build units so that they match the inventory storage needs and are perfect in size. Not too big to waste the space and not too small failing to hold the inventory.
  • Dock Doors: Not many people realize but dock doors need to be built especially as per the inbound logistic needs of customers. We install sliding doors if needed.
  • Electrical requirements: We ensure that the electrical equipment is installed as per the unique needs of clients as some have to operate heavy machinery in the warehouse and need high-voltage electrical equipment.
  • Truck Yard: The yard is built as per the logistic needs of customers
  • Flooring: Clients whose business deals with heavy machinery and equipment need special floors made up of Fibmix to sustain the heavyweight. We specialize in flooring as per unique business needs.
  • Safety: We give special consideration to safety needs in the warehouse and install safety instruments like fire sprinkles, emergency exit doors, and other such equipment as per the nature of the business of our customers.


Our highly trained team of engineers, architects, designers, welders, and other workers are capable of the offer following the services to build reliable warehouses:

  • Pre-construction services
  • Design details are shared before construction.
  • Detailed Budgeting & Estimating.
  • We offer consulting and LEED management
  • We also offer maintenance service
  • Help and guide customers with preliminary budgeting and analyzing all relevant costs
  • Safety planning as per the project.
  • Subcontractor Procurement

don't hesitate to contact us if you need more information