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ISO 9001 standard for quality management of organizations with an auditor or manager in background


We believe that certificates are an authentic way to communicate working capability and potential. We might say what we are capable of doing but through a look at our record, and communication through authentic certificates, it becomes easier to know our actual competency and aptitude. An authorized certificate from a client or agency showing appreciation is a real win for us and gives us a competitive edge in the KSA construction sector.

Our team at DTC is grateful for all the certificates we have received so far as they share our valuable achievements.  We proudly own these certificates as they dictate our hard work and passion to serve clients. We have worked hard to achieve this appreciation from our honored clients and we promise to work with the same zest and passion in the future to provide service beyond expectation.

Past performance

We have shared some certificates to show our past performance. This will give our prospective clientele the idea of our capability and working decorum. We believe that past performance is the best way to judge a company’s ability to serve. Having satisfied clients who can vouch for us is simply an honor and we will surely do our best to live up to the expectations these certificates build.

Othman A. Al-Usaimi & Partners Trading Co. shares a certificate of appreciation and recommendation for us for completing their various projects. We are glad to see their satisfaction level and grateful for the recommendation.

Zamil Steel Holding Co. and Arab Steel have also shared certificates sharing their working experience with us. We worked on steel erection projects for both these companies. Steel erection is an art and we are proud that we have completed their steel erection projects which is the need of the modern age.

Steel erection authorization

Kirby building systems also gave us certification authorizing us to erect a Kirby pre-engineered building. This allows us to erect the buildings already constructed by Kirby building systems because they believe in our erection capabilities.

Assent has also shared a certificate sharing that they allow DTC to erect buildings build as per Assent erection drawings and method of statement.

The authorization from these two companies makes us apart from our competitors. We are proud to be trusted by Kirby and Assent who deem us talented enough to serve their clients and erect their manufactured buildings. They have given us this authority over our attractive past performance and quality service in this field.

Certified builder for Deck panels installation

We proudly received a certificate that implies that DTC is a certified builder for Deck panels installation by International business systems factory Co. ltd.

Fibmix steel fiber authorization

We got approval to use Fibmix steel fiber from the Ministry of work, Municipalities affair, and urban planning. Fibmix is the modern-day need and has replaced the traditional usage of concrete. Getting a certificate to use fibmix steel fibers gives us a green signal to provide the latest and modern facilities to our clients.