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DTC has inclined towards using fib-mix or (SRFC) steel-fiber-reinforced-concrete flooring because of its proven advantages. There is no second opinion about the benefits it provides to the flooring domain and construction industry on the whole. To better use SFRC, DTC has undergone a contract with the leading steel fiber production company Forcetech. Forcetech uses cutting-edge technology and a state-of-the-art facility to produce high-quality steel fibers. DTC is the only official partner and distributor of Forcetech products in KSA. This step is taken in the quest to adapt new industry trends and innovative methods to better serve our customers.In a nutshell, SRFC offers great strength, resistance to bear heavy loads (both static and dynamic), and enhances flexural properties of the concrete floor. It’s like feeding a multivitamin to a concrete floor to enhance its power and output.

SFRC technique is used as an alternate option to using reinforcing wires or bars welded in concrete structures to hold the concrete slab in place. By evenly distributing steel fiber in the concrete mix, the entire concrete slab becomes tougher to provide the required support to the flooring structure.

Steel fibers are generally evenly distributed in the concrete slab, whereas the bars or wires for reinforcing are only placed where structural support is needed. Moreover, it is much easier to spread steel fibers rather than reinforce wires and bars. Its advantages are listed below for a deeper understanding.


  • It enhances durability making the floor cost-effective in long-term
  • No on-site steel reinforcement is required by labor implying less labor cost
  • Reduced overall project cost by ensuring economical designs
  • No or reduced investment in the crack control system is required saving cost and making SFRC pocket friendly


  • The flecural properties and bending strength are enhanced almost 3 times as compared to the traditional concrete mix.
  • Prevent the shrinkage cracks
  • Elevate the load-bearing capability of the floor
  • Reduce the required thickness of the concrete slab
  • Minimize curling
  • Make the floor more durable


  • Reduced capacity to absorb water and chemicals means it will prevent stain formation on the floor.
  • Minimizes surface permeability
  • Reduces dust


  • Enhances overall resistance of the floor
  • An increase of about 1.5 times in fatigue strength of the floor
  • SFRC composition is much better against any sort of spalling and abrasion
  • Enhanced resistance to bear the impact
  • Enhanced flexural strength
  • Increased ability to thaw and freeze
  • Better resistance towards erosion damage.


  • It strengthens the surface of the floor with fewer bleed holes
  • It prevents the floor from cracking or chipping
  • Enhances tensile strength
  • Increases lifespan of the floor
  • Provides corrosion-free surface
  • Limit chances of corner castings of concrete slabs

These advantages have inclined the construction industry to use SFRC flooring in their structures to enhance the quality of their construction sites. Following the international trend, DTC is the pioneer in offering SFRC to its customers. Our highly trained and experienced team is fully capable of dealing with steel fiber reinforced concrete slabs. They follow all safety measures to productively install flooring of your construction site effectively and efficiently