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Al Ajlan Warehouse Contract is awarded to DTC


Al Ajlan Warehouse Contract is awarded to DTC

DTC has signed yet another contract with Abdul Aziz Al-Ajlan Brother Real Estate. Owing to satisfaction with the previous services they have entrusted us yet again. It is like a token of appreciation from the Al Ajlan brothers that we humbly and gladly accept. We signed this project on March 3rd, 2021. The project entails multiple services for their warehouse in the Industrial City of Dammam. The lot area of this project is around 120000 square meters. We are glad to be a part of this project as it will contribute to the development of the local economy, job creation, and industrial prosperity in KSA.

We have a great responsibility to complete this project as per promised criteria. It is a fruit of our past services that they have escalated the scope of the project this time because we have gained their trust over time. Our team is quite motivated and determined to start working on this extensive project.

For this project, the Al Ajlan brothers have already made some commitments that we will surely respect and follow for the smooth working of the project. They have engaged Impact engineering consultancy for the design of the warehouse and also got design approval from city authorities. So, we don’t have much to do with the design of the warehouse building. It means that we can start work as soon as possible because we already have an approved design to execute. Also, they had a contract with AIC steel for the procurement of prefabricated structural steel for this project. So, we will ensure that all steel structures will be requested from AIC steel.

We are entitled to offer the following services for this project

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling- As the project is in an Industrial zone so we will have to work on the surface area.
  • Concrete Structure- Our team will construct the concrete structure of the warehouse as per the approved design.
  • Steel Erection- installation in concrete structure to ensure strength
  • Plumbing- installation of required materials
  • Electrical- installation of the complete electricity supply system
  • Site & Finishing Work- any additional finishing work on the interior and exterior.
  • ventilation services for warehouse building temperature maintenance
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm- installation of necessary fire safety equipment

Our team is quite excited to perform all these services fo Al Ajlan brothers. Our team selection is under process because we want to ensure that expert and experienced personnel from all departments are added to the team to ascertain exceptional quality of services. We will devise a team soon who will work under supervision of Impact. We already have a great rapport with them as we have previously worked with them and know their way of working and the procedures they admire. Our team selection also depends upon choosing the personnel who have previously worked with the Impact team to ensure seamless communication. We will soon start working on this project.