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DTC is truly committed to providing quality construction while religiously following the principles of HSE throughout the company. We have a zero tolerance policy for quality negligence and HSE negligence. We take it as our responsibility to ensure that the health and safety measures are properly applied and followed at our workplace from top management to lower management levels. Our goal is to ensure zero accidents at our sites. Quality Control, as well as Health, safety and environmental (HSE) protection, are on our priority checklist and we simply do not take any risk regarding these.

Quality Control

DTC proudly provides quality services to all clients as we conform to the international standards of quality. We are ISO 9001 certified and we assure that we provide consistent and reliable service to our clients. We adhere to best industry practices which is why we have gained the trust of our clientele all these years.

We follow best industry practices to ascertain that our quality is superior to that of our competitors. DTC follows the philosophy that a little discrepancy in the quality standard can cause a huge issue and loss for the company and client. As a little inconsistency in design or quality measures can require reconstruction or renovation that won’t only waste time, resources, and money but will also keep our reputation on the line. This is why we pay special attention to conformance with quality standards. We do thorough quality checks from project planning to design and implementation.

We explicitly and clearly state the quality requirements and expectations in the contract document. It keeps us and the client aware of the applied quality standards and also helps us to cross-check the quality if God-forbid any issues arise.

HSE Practices

Our workforce, site, and people living nearby our site are all important to us and this is why we precisely do the follow-up of our HSE practices. We regularly measure our standards and performance against those standards. We also imply any improvements, if needed. All our HSE practices and standards are in conformance with the OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001 regulations.

To conform to HSE standards we ensure that

  • All our employees and subcontractors are trained to carry out their jobs safely
  • All our employees and subcontractors wear safety gear where necessary
  • Our employees are trained to proactively monitor and report any detected risk or hazard timely to avoid any sort of accident, injury, or illness
  • Senior management responsibly visits sites and shares the HSE agenda with workers to ensure that they conform to these practices
  • DTC ensures that there are funds available to implement Health and safety policy

Sustainability and the Environment

DTC is committed to preserving the natural environment and ensuring ecosystem sustainability. We are dedicated to complying with all environmental legislation and procedures. We work with government, regulatory agencies, and clients to plan our projects responsibly by adopting green practices. In this regard, we ensure to

  • Minimize the adverse impact of our business activities on nature
  • Reduce and recycle waste
  • Promote efficient use of natural resources
  • Minimize energy usage
  • Take measures to reduce pollution (both air and noise)