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Commercial and admin buildings

To live up to diverse customer needs and demands, DTC is offering incomparable Commercial and Admin Buildings construction services. We offer great service on client specified budget because we care about our customers. Our designers are super talented and take into consideration the time, budget, and special needs of customers while designing a project. A perfect design drafted in the first place saves us and our customers from wasting our precious time.

Opting latest technological machinery and construction equipment allows us to offer superior construction service while being light on the pocket.

Residential Buildings

DTC understands the unique demands of constructing residential buildings. We are glad to serve private clients in the residential sector with high-quality residential projects. We believe that all residential projects are unique and should be constructed as per the distinctive taste and preferences of customers. Commercial units like shops in a shopping mall can be built alike but for the residential project, all customers demand a customer-made design that suits their living needs and matches their living standards. DTC values customer opinion and preference and this is why we link them to our design and engineering team so that they can draft the layout by keeping the customer requirements in mind.

Our team collaborates on each detail to ensure that all demands of customers are met. We work passionately to deliver the project on promised time and budget without any compromise on quality.

We have opted for the latest and smart construction elements to build modern residential buildings. We offer energy-efficient solutions to our customers so that they can utilize modern technological equipment to save their money (spent on energy consumption) and adopt green practices (by saving energy for others). In this regard, we offer services for the installation of solar panels, insulation sheets, and air tightness equipment.

We offer to build residential buildings from scratch and we love drafting new and innovative designs for places that people can call their home. But our services are not only confined to new buildings. We also offer all sorts of renovations, extensions in already constructed units, repair, maintenance, and any all sort of alterations.

Commercial and Admin Buildings

Majorly, DTC is involved in building commercial units. Our expertise in building commercial units is sky-rocketing and we know this sector in and out. We are proud to have completed various commercial projects while keeping our customers satisfied and happy.

We construct admin buildings with special care as we understand that they will be used to provide business services to others. Our team ensures that special care is given to the design to accommodate all visitors and workers.

Our best strategy that gave us a competitive edge in commercial and admin construction is our regard for people residing near our site. We take all measures to cause minimum possible disruption for all people residing nearby or using some area of the commercial unit as tenants.

Our team does a detailed assessment of the area surrounding our site to ensure proper health, safety and environment (HSE) measures for our staff, the general public living nearby, visitors, and any passerby.

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