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Owing the resources to offer a variety of floors is not enough, perfect and flawless application of floor installation is as essential as the availability of floor slabs. DTC strives to offer great application services to all clients who approach us whether they got their construction from us or some other source. We also offer application services to cater to floor renovation needs of industries in case of old, damaged, or chipped floors.

DTC offers complete service from the availability of floors to installation saving your time and energy to looking for different vendors. By optimally utilizing our abilities we complete your project in promised time with quality that is beyond your expectation.

While installing the floor we double-check that the floor is easy to maintain and is safe for comfortable movement of employees. The industrial floor mustn’t be slippery even when machinery with rotating wheels is moved.

Varied services

We cover almost flooring of all areas that require a different kinds of floors and varied application strategies to enhance floor life and durability. Our services include (but are not confined to):

  • For residential buildings
  • Commercial Flooring
  • Industrial flooring
  • Warehouse flooring
  • Basement flooring
  • Garage and parking flooring


DTC claims to offer the best services in the flooring domain in the construction sector. The following steps that we have taken will prove the reliability of our services.

Trained staff

Our staff is well-trained and can perform floor application tasks quite efficiently and effectively. Our staff is trained as per the new technological application techniques and equipment to offer superior service. Our staff gets training with every new technique to offer pioneer technological-based services in KSA.


Our staff knows how to effectively apply flooring techniques for an epic finish that ensures that every slab is placed perfectly ascertaining durability and long-term usability of the floor. The floor we offer (concrete floors) is prone to denting, chipping, cracking, or breakage enhancing the life of your floor.

Trowel finished concrete floors application

To give a seamless appeal to recreate the effect of concrete on floors, DTC offers Trowel finished technique. This technique can be applied to all sorts of floors whether indoors or outdoors. The decorative effects are customizable and give a classy finish to your floor. DTC ensures that the floor is not only durable but also pleasing to the eye and gracefully embraces the business appeal.

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy flooring consists of laying a layer of synthetic resin on top of the layer of concrete in an effort to protect the concrete floor, enhance its’ life span and add a decorative element to beautify the floor. You can also lay down several layers of synthetic resin coated or poured over the concrete substrate to reach the required level of thickness. You can add color of your choice to resin as per your custom needs and requirements.

Extremely flat floors

DTC can install floors that are extremely flat and aid in efficient material handling for industries that require up to 16 meters of height to do their operations. Flatter surfaces need less maintenance and minimize industrial accidents which makes it an irresistible offer for industries that need warehouse or stocking units with heights up to 16 meters.