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The core values of corporate social responsibility, sustainable business practices, international safety standards, responsible governance, equal employment opportunity, innovation orientation, and embracing technological advancement are ingrained in our corporate culture at DTC.

Our core values are the founding principles on which DTC works. We believe in excellence and superior quality which can’t be achieved without a dedicated team and employee-friendly organizational environment that gives room for innovation and constant up-gradation of procedures as per international standards. To accomplish our vision of market leader we follow certain values in our company at DTC to boost the morale of our employees and work together as a steadfast team.

Integrity: Our business conduct will be fair, honest, transparent, and rely on ethical and moral correctness. We will never compromise on our honesty and ethical standards.

Teamwork: We follow a culture of collaboration and mutual support across the company to reinforce the concept of a one-team approach. Collaborative teamwork helps us to reach our collective goals efficiently and effectively.

Respect: DTC promotes the notion of mutual respect among employees (inter-organization) and their conduct and communication with customers, third parties, and stakeholders (outside organization). We have a culture where contributions, opinions, feelings, and differences of opinion are dealt with utmost respect and professionalism.

Trust: We believe that trust is the key to promoting harmony among all employees working across all managerial levels at DTC. We have a trustworthy culture where employees can share their concerns frankly by trusting their peers and superiors.

Accountability: Every employee of DTC can be held accountable for taken decisions and actions.

Safety: The health and safety of our employees and the safe execution of projects is our utmost priority. We follow international safety standards specified for the construction sector as we have zero tolerance for unsafe construction practices.

Innovation: We encourage all employees to come up with new and unique ideas. We have a culture of welcoming new approaches and business practices that can better serve the clients’ needs while saving resources and time. We believe that innovation is the key to success and we hold on to innovative ideas and unique working approaches to level up the quality of our services.

Reliability: We envision becoming a reliable name in the construction sector which is why we emphasize reliable working procedures and practices. To promote reliability we always come up with realistic schedules and strive to stick to scheduled milestones and promised deadlines.