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If you are looking for ultimate flooring solutions in KSA then DTC is a perfect choice. We offer versatile flooring solutions to meet the unique and distinctive flooring needs of our customers. We believe in excellence and strive our best to offer excellent service in terms of quality and appeal. Our varied flooring options are there to serve your dynamic needs (of both residential and commercial buildings).

Our business philosophy is to treat each client as an adventure and understand their requirements and needs deeply to offer them appropriate product and service that best suits their needs. We understand that residential and commercial units have varying needs and even different business and commercial hubs have varying flooring needs. Responding to those distinctive needs is our specialty which is why our customers praise us.

Residential flooring is not that complicated. Aesthetically pleasing tiles are available in wide options from glossy to matt to match the preference of customers. Whereas industrial flooring is the real challenge in the flooring domain. Industrial flooring needs a layer of concrete that is leveled so that the industrial goods and machinery can be placed without any issue. The thickness level of a concrete floor or slab is dependent upon the type of underlying soil on which the foundation is built and the weight customer wants the floor to withstand as per the business needs. Some business deals in heavy machinery and equipment while others deal in delicate items. DTC offers suitable flooring for all kinds of businesses. Our flooring is designed to bear the weight of racking systems, truck movements, forklifts, heavy equipment, machinery, and inventory of the business or industry our customer is dealing in.


We love to answer this question because the answer entails the distinctive capabilities that make us superior to our fellow competitors.

  • We offer on-ground, mezzanine, over screed, and other concrete slabs as per business requirements.
  • We offer the best quality in compliance with the European standard code TR.34.
  • DTC offers free movement floor classification as per the highest possible level (FM1, FM2, FM3).
  • We follow international safety standards.
  • We can offer direct movement via very narrow aisles (VNA) effectively.
  • Our team consists of highly qualified, well-trained, and experienced people who precisely monitor all technical aspects to offer flawless flooring solutions.
  • In-house designing of concrete slabs makes our service cost-effective and time efficient because we don’t rely on any vendor or 3rd
  • DTC has a joint venture with a leading floor equipment company in Europe named Beton Concrete Finishing & Compaction Company. This company helps us to get access to the modern and latest equipment in the flooring domain.
  • DTC also has a joint venture with BECOSAN that helps us grind the slab with the latest equipment in projects that need less than 3MM per 1 M2 tolerance level or DM1 as per European code.
  • Our installed floor cannot only have the ability to withstand heavy weight without cracking or breaking but also looks aesthetically appealing and add grace to your building.