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We are very pleased to announce that, our team completed another project in a short time. In our continuing effort to improve the quality and cost effectiveness of our services, we are partnering with KAMCO General Contracting.The whole point of the project is to deliver what we promised to clients. By providing everything, DTC is satisfied, and all acceptance criteria have been met. Once that happens, your project can end. It was a great experience with the work team and the project Owner (kamco).

And their support for the project had an essential role in completing the project with quality and on time. The project was delivered to Starbucks. It was successfully operated, and the project is one of the best coffeehouses in Khobar. However, our team proved capable of tackling such a project professionally and innovatively, and everything was completed to the client’s satisfaction.

Not only did we deliver a project that fit the site perfectly, but we also took advantage of all its special and unique features to maximize the client’s future satisfaction.

Now, with the next client and project awaiting, DTC would like to thank everyone involved in the project. It was a pleasure and a privilege to work with all of you. We look forward to working with you again in the future.