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DTC is committed to offering all the latest products manufactured by using modern technology and procedures to increase efficiency and enhance the quality of the constructed structure. We procure our steel fibers from Forcetech which specializes in providing steel fiber products. We then manufacture concrete slabs in-house as per our construction requirements and workability.

Steel fiber reinforced concrete (SFRC) is prepared by adding steel fibers uniformly throughout the concrete in varying percentages as per the required demand. The volume of additional steel fibers in plain concrete can range from 0.3% to 2.5%. The added volume depends upon the required workability and strength of the concrete slab.

For manufacturing SFRC we add the specified amount of steel fibers to the concrete mix in the mixer. Then we put the green concrete mixture into moulds to shape the concrete slab into desired shape and size. Afterward, the slab is subject to compact as per traditional curing methods.


Preparing SFRC is not that simple. Mixing steel fibers in the concrete mix is not a piece of cake and require care and expertise. One of the issues that our team faces in preparation is balling or segregation which entails the problem where steel fiber becomes accumulated into a ball instead of evenly dispersing over the entire concrete mix. We have to avoid this balling or segregation because finely dispersed fibers are required to strengthen the entire concrete slab.

To avoid this issue, high energy is required for mixing, transferring, molding, and finishing the final product. We use the pan mixer and high-quality fiber dispenser to ensure improved mixing of the concrete and steel fiber while reducing the formation of balls.

We have a high-quality preparation mixer and dispenser to ensure that the ingredients mix completely and uniformly. Our preparation team is well-trained to prepare the mixture with efficiency and care to restrain any fiber ball formation.


SFRC is introduced in the construction industry owing to its high applicability and benefits that help in strengthing the structure of construction. Its major uses include:

  • SFRC enhances the structural properties of concrete by making it tough enough to withstand heavy loads without chipping, cracking, or breaking.
  • It is used to improve the tensile strength of concrete slabs
  • SFRC enhances the flexural structure of concrete
  • It is used in preparing 20m precast elements that are used in the lining of water tunnels as a stabilizer.
  • It is also used in shotcrete mix as an alternative to steel mesh owing to its’ enhanced ductility and strength.
  • It enhances the durability of concrete slabs improving their’ lifespan and lowering the cost of replacement
  • It is used in the flooring of industrial, residential, and commercial buildings.
  • Its tough surface makes it ideal for use in constructing pavements, garages, and car parking areas.
  • SFRC is used in constructing structures of high strategic importance including safety vaults installed at banks
  • High-quality SFRC can be used in manufacturing blast-resistant structures by the military.
  • Fine quality SFRC is great for constructing airport runways as it helps in comfortable take-off and landing of the plane