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Design and Engineering

DTC works on the philosophy that a flawless and practical design is the key to building a perfect site. Design is the blueprint or the conceptual layout that exhibits the outlook of the actual construction project. Without a well-elaborated and practical design, it is difficult to plan the project execution effectively and develop realistic milestones and project timelines.

We are confident to provide the best and practically viable designs to our customers, thanks to our team of top-notch and experienced designers and engineers. Our talented and extremely passionate team works day and night to draft the design by meeting any special requirements and needs of clients. Our team follows international standards and codes while designing the draft. We precisely check out each minor detail of the draft before approval for any inconsistency and practicality issues.

We have a qualified team of engineers who follow modern technology, the latest equipment, and software to develop innovative drafts for clients. Using such technological equipment helps our team to

  • Speedily design the draft
  • Improves the actual speed of production
  • Improves the quality of draft
  • Reduce cost
  • Saves time and resources

Our design and engineering team creates life-like drafts by using the latest design software. Our team always incorporates the latest software to offer the best design draft to clients. Our team uses the software including

  • Vector works Architect
  • SketchUp
  • AutoCAD
  • DataCAD8r
  • Revit

For new designs and remodeling tasks. Our team also uses 3D design software to showcase the building interior in 3D so that clients can have an idea of what the construction will look like. With the help of this software, we provide the following services to our clients

  • Basic design
  • Connections design
  • Shop and erection drawings
  • As-built drawings

At DTC, we believe in collaboration and active communication between the design and engineering units. It is so because the design and engineering are integrated and can’t work in isolation. It is not feasible if the design is drafted but then the engineering team does not deem it practical. To save our team members from such frustration, loss of time, and resources we make our team members work collaboratively from the start of a project. We also keep the clients in the loop so that they can chip in any special ideas, demands, or requirements from the project. Understanding clients’ demands while drafting projects helps our team to keep into consideration what client wants. Clients’ demand is extremely important to us because at the end of the day our major goal is to keep our clientele satisfied and contented with our service.

Our design team drafts the layout keeping in mind specific demands and requirements of clients. In a parallel fashion, our engineering team keeps an eye on design and guides the team about practicability, feasibility, and cost for each design element. Collaboration between team members helps us to come up with innovative and unique ideas due to brainstorming. This way a well elaborated and implementable design is drafted with effective teamwork.