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Communications Networks

DTC provides turnkey services related to infrastructure construction and development by complying with Industry standards and maintaining superior quality service. The modern world cannot function without effective communication networks and services, Owing to the importance of communication in all sorts of businesses, government, and private affairs DTC has stepped into the construction of communication networks to facilitate our customers. Communication infrastructure development is the backbone of any communication system and we aim to incorporate the latest methods and modern equipment to facilitate effective communication.

Our services know no bounds. In quest of facilitating the communication networks, we offer to build communication sites, site up-gradation, and aid in installing networking equipment to ensure smooth and distortion-free communication.

To serve the need for communication networks we offer to build structures and facilities that are crucial in the working of communication networks. We offer varied services including site design, efficient use of land, adequate equipment placement, and ensuring that equipment permit is maintained by showing compliance with communication industry requirements.


Our clientele is varied including educational institutions, health care, government, and commercial organizations looking for communication infrastructure. With the combination of an experienced team and advanced technical skills, we strive to offer customer-specific infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance, and emergency restoration facilities.


We have the capability and expertise to construct an overall communication structure from scratch. As we follow the latest trends and technologically advanced equipment so we can facilitate you by utilizing modern practices and processes in building communication networks. We can construct a communication network unit as per the distinct customer needs and demands. We can build (not confined to these):

  • Overall site infrastructure design
  • Wireless system design
  • Data centers
  • Private wireless networks
  • Civil and structural work
  • Earthwork design

We also offer construction services that are friendly to wireless design or structured cable design as per the clients’ preference and usage.


To offer turnkey services to our clients we also offer consultation and support services from project design to actual commissioning.


What makes DTC stand out against competitors is its commitment to superior service and customer satisfaction. We always handle every project to match the unique and distinct demands and needs of our customers.

Effective planning and design

We plan the design of the communication network by taking into account the technical and executing scope to save our customers’ precious time. Our team designs the project as per the specification of regulatory agencies to ensure that project complies with environmental and industry standards. We utilize the latest data capture technology to ensure the efficient use of land. We also offer a 3D scan of the site so that our customers can view the virtual design as per realistic cost and time estimates.

Site security

Our constructed sites are secured by installing security systems as per the infrastructure development standards.

Emergency backup system

Our team also helps in designing emergency backup systems to ensure uninterrupted communication.

Underground infrastructure

Building an underground infrastructure requires special expertise and equipment and DTC proudly offers this facility to customers. DTC understands the need for underground cable structure and fiber optic layout and we are doing our best to facilitate our customers in this regard to comply with the latest communication network requirements.