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DTC also offers glued steel fiber to its customers. We cover all steel fiber product and application areas to offer our customers turnkey solutions. We aim to provide our customers of gaining access to all construction-related solutions under one roof so they don’t have to worry about any minor aspects.

As the name refers, glued steel fiber consists of steel fibers glued together by putting steel fibers in water-soluble glue. Steel fibers are glued together to prevent the formation of the bunching of fibers (or fiber ball) while it is mixed in concrete. The glued steel fibers in form of bundles are deformed to turn their ends into hooked shaped. To attain the required thickness, steel wire rods with low carbon content are subject to repeated mechanical drawing.


Glued steel fiber has high tensile strength that elevates its ability to bear heavy load. It functions better than loose fiber because the hooked end of glued steel fiber anchors in the concrete structure elevates the strength of the concrete slab and makes it difficult to pull out.


Glued steel fiber can be cast in many types. It can be cast and manufactured in varying lengths and diameters as per the needs and requirements of customers and its’ usage.


Glued steel fiber can be used in various forms, in various parts to provide added strength to the structure. Its application areas include:

Shotcrete: it can be used in repairing old buildings, tunnels, slope stabilization in hilly areas, canal lining, and mines lining.

Slabs & Flooring: It is ideal for use in concrete slabs and flooring systems of warehouses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, pavements, garages, and residential buildings. It is perfect for a jointless flooring system.

Precast: It can be added as additional support in precast structural elements used in construction. It can also be used in collection units for rainwater, walls, cabins, cable ducts, and Railway sleepers.

Structures of strategic importance: due to their high tensile strength they can be used in special structures where valuables are stored such as safety vaults.

Blast Resistant Structures: It can be effectively used in explosion-proof areas, nuclear program shielding, anti-missile hangars, seismic resistant unit, and underground shelters.

Airport runways: Owing to enhanced load bearing strength it is ideal for use in manufacturing airport runways.

Highway pavements: Its high strength makes it suitable for use in highway pavements so that if any unfortunate incident happens and a car crashes on the pavement then it doesn’t damage the cars on the other side of the pavement.


Glued steel fiber is manufactured to seek the added benefits it provides to the structure. Following are the benefits that incline constructors like DTC to incorporate glued steel fibers in their structures.

Performance advantage:

  • The uniform distribution helps to enhance the overall strength and load-bearing capacity of concrete
  • It improves the structural strength of concrete
  • It enhances the resistance of concrete slab by making it more capable of beaing impact, along with making it wear-resistant, freeze and thaw resistant.
  • It elevates the durability of concrete
  • It is quite easy to use

Economic advantage:

  • As it is already precasted so less manpower is required saving the cost of labor
  • It reduces any other reinforcement requirement saving cost on the additional support material

Characteristic advantage:

  • Its three-dimensional reinforcement in concrete helps to prevent cracks
  • It reduces the crack widths