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Steel Erection

DTC is a reliable name when it comes to steel erection services. DTC is proud to offer superior steel erection services as per modern standards to internationally known Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) companies in the region.

The construction sector has seen a major inclination towards steel usage owing to its ductility, high tensile strength, and malleability. Add to this its lustrous look and corrosion resistance have deemed it an irresistible and construction-friendly material. DTC recognized that these steel structures quite often require erection service for proper alignment and maintaining the building structure. Owing to this realization, DTC has trained its’ team and engineers for steel erection so that they can master the skill and provide high-quality erection service to clients.

Our engineers, workers, and steel erectors are well-trained to assemble the metal framework of new structures or buildings. They are skilled in perfectly fitting and assembling steel girders, beams, and pipework. They have the required expertise to precisely follow the detailed plans and layout drafted by our designers, engineers, and architects.

As per the BLS fatality data in recent years, steel erection is deemed as one of the top 10 hazardous occupations. This is why DTC focuses on special training for our workers for health, safety, and environmental procedures as per international standards. Our highly trained and skilled team of engineers and workers are regularly trained to accustom them to new international standards regarding health and safety. During steel erection, the workers have to work on heightened platforms near heavy machinery and sharp equipment. A little mismanagement in such risky surroundings can result in serious injury and even death in certain cases of collapse. This is why our staff religiously follows the security protocols as we share the goal of zero injuries through all managerial levels of DTC. To comply with these standards our staff wear safety gear, ensure that the workers are standing on firm and secured platforms while working, the first-aid facility is available without delay and all SOPs as per international standards are matched before working.

We also manufacture and supply steel erection material. We offer high-quality Pre-engineered steel building (PEBs) parts including

  • Structural steel construction products
  • Building accessories
  • Hot-rolled structures of steel

DTC utilizes its’ manufacturing and servicing capacity to an optimum level and offers the following adjacent services to customers

  • Technical support during all stages of sales
  • Blast cleaning with SA 2.0 minimum
  • To prolong building life, we use epoxy coating with top primer
  • Use of anti-Corrosive galvanized girts and purlins
  • High-quality raw material is used in construction
  • Absolute compliance with latest laws and regulations of construction industry
  • Offer warranties and guarantees to facilitate customers
  • 24/7 customer tracking is available to check the status of orders

We are proud to offer a quick response to requests for quotes (RFQs) and the fastest possible delivery on promised time for all above-mentioned products and services. We ensure to give attention to detail while taking the order to leave no room for any miscommunication and offer unparalleled customer service during each phase of interaction with the customer.