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Laser Screed Technology

Industrial flooring is a layer of tangible Smooth concrete designed to give Levelness and flatness. The thickness of the concrete slab depends on the type of loading and the quality of the native soil on which the construction is founded. It is designed to withstand the loads of racking system, Forklift and truck movement, bear heavy machinery and equipment loads in factories also it’s given the degree of leveling in garages and cars movement.


  • High coverage rate per day – up to 25000 Sq.Ft.
  • Large panel size – up to 15,000 Sq.Ft .
  • Highly Economical – considering long life span of floor.
  • Durable flooring.
  • Jointless SFRC flooring option – only possible using Laser screed machine.
  • Accurate flatness – can achieve up to TR34, DM-1 or FM-1 flatness.
  • Flatter structural slabs: Can cast flatter structural / suspended slabs using light weight and high performance Uni/Screed machine.

When clients want their floors done faster and flatter than ever before. The drive to achieve these goals fostered an eagerness among concrete contractors to push the performance envelope.
DTC have always achieved the performance push with innovative machinery. Certainly, there are many tech-tools that have arrived on scene in the past decade to make this possible:

  • Ride-on trowels.
  • Early entry saws.
  • Laser Screed machine

It was a certainly a confluence of many new tools, admixtures, placement techniques and other industry changes that led to today’s extreme productivity and quality levels.
The Laser Screed may, however, stand as the most dynamic and influential of them all. Laser screening technique allows you to lay concrete floors in wider bays of any size.