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Power Networks


Like other areas of infrastructure development, DTC offers unmatched services in constructing power networks for efficient and loss-free flow of power. By power, we majorly refer to electric power but we also deal in solar and wind power sources that are the backbone of efficient functioning because all of us are extensively dependent on electrical power.

Our extremely talented and specialist team offers their expert design, construction, and maintenance services to develop bespoke power networks that suit your power needs and the size of the structure (both commercial and residential). No matter how complex is your project our expert team has the required experience to serve you.  We offer services to both households and business organizations.


DTC is a trusted name when it comes to installing power networks at homes and residential buildings. We offer superior service and deal in low, medium, and high voltage electrical networking. Our specialized team guides the customers about the best electrical network as per their electricity consumption needs, appropriate voltage grade, and other technical aspects. We get customer approval before initiating the project.

We offer services for new build structures and also up-gradation of already installed electric networks. For newly built structures we offer underground wiring that is not visible to the naked eye for the protection of wiring and also humans from any unwanted interaction with those wires. Also, underground wiring looks aesthetically pleasant and neat, For upgradation needs, we offer underground wiring where possible and concise the wires by ducts and tubes where underground wiring is not possible due to probable distortion in the built structure.


We proudly extend our power networking services to the business organization of all kinds. Pur specialized team visits the business site, assesses the power requirements, and then guides our customers about the perfect power network that will match their business demands.


In power networking our services include:

Electric power networks

Wind power networks

Solar panels installation

Fiber infrastructure

Relevant mechanical and civil work


You must be thinking that there are other power networking consultants in the market so what makes DTC special or first choice? Well, we surely don’t like to brag but our services are superior in comparison to our competitors because of the following reasons.

Green practices

We follow green practices when it comes to power networking. It implies that our team does its best to conserve energy and save energy and refrain from any sort of power lossess due to poor equipment. We aim to utilize power as optimally as possible so as to not waste resources and do a bigger good to the community.

Safety measures

DTC offers the safest and most trustworthy power networking services. All our staff from engineers to workers are highly trained to carry out the power equipment, machinery, and processes with utmost care. Our team ensures that all power-related equipment is installed by following industry guidelines and setting standards to establish the safety of all people who will use the power supply in the future. Our team precisely checks all the wiring to detect any loopholes and installs security gear wherever necessary. Our team works in collaboration to minimize the risk and maximize the performenace of the electric assest for uninterrupted working.