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Electric installation is critical in construction sites. DTC is a reliable name in providing top=notch electric services in KSA. DTC is a registered member of SEC’s (Saudi Electricity Company) register of electrical contractors. Our company bidder ID is 5013543. We have already served the commercial sector, industrial units, residential areas, and retail projects successfully. We are serving our customers for more than a decade and we have never heard of any complaints of mismanagement and low quality on our behalf.

We maintain the quality of constructed sites by offering quality efficient building systems using the latest technological equipment and precise installation of all necessities. We stay updated about the latest technologies and strategies to satisfactorily meet customers’ demands and provide service beyond expectations.


We rely on our state-of-the-art fabrication facility, electrical engineering, and in-house CAD service. We follow international safety standards while installation of electric circuits and equipment for safe use. Our service is fast and reliable without compromising on quality. We provide services from concept to completion.

Competent team

Our team comprises competent and skilled Architects, Engineering consultants, electricians, and workers. Our team works dedicatedly by collaborating on each and every aspect from electric wiring layout to socket positioning and voltage needs.

Innovative methods

Our specialized team provides electromagnetic services by incorporating the latest technology, modern processes, and efficiency standards to ensure superior quality and cost-effectiveness of the project. We follow industry best practices to provide our customers superior service that no one else can offer in KSA.

Safety methods:

We religiously follow all health safety and environment (HSE) factors. Dealing with electric equipment, electricity device installation, and running to check if it’s working is a critical task. There is always a risk of electrical shock due to poor installation, low-quality equipment and devices, and incompetency to check the functionality. To save our employees and customers from any such unfortunate safety issue we precisely follow safety guidelines by:

  • Procuring high-quality electrical equipment (from wires to sockets)
  • Quality checks to ascertain proper functionality
  • Provide safety gear to our employees while installation
  • Provide relevant training to our employees so that they are aware of what they are dealing with
  • Install safety equipment like circuit breakers to ensure the safety of our customers


We offer a complete package of electrical services at every stage in collaboration with our customers. It helps us to design the building just as they prefer which is our top priority because we treat our customers with respect and value their suggestions.

We do a thorough pre-construction analysis to:

  • Evaluate our customer’s requirements and assess the need for their involvement
  • Create a realistic and accurate budget
  • Seek out engineering solutions for economic benefits
  • Provide a thorough and well-devised plan based on realistic readings

Based on the approved pre-construction plan we offer full-fledge services including:

  • Lighting and control
  • Connection of Mechanical equipment
  • Automation in electric systems
  • Switchboard, the panel board, and transformer distribution of 11KV/415V/380V/220V
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Installation of convenience device
  • Installation of receptor power
  • Designing and installation of low voltage power distribution of 240/415KV system
  • Low and medium voltage cables
  • UPS and generator systems
  • Wiring devices