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Educational buildings

Educational buildings have special requirements in design and built. They require flexibility, robustness, spatial planning, and creative use of space. DTC understands the unique requirements associated with educational buildings and offers the best available construction service in this field in the KSA region.

We as a constructor knows that building has a special language for communication. We believe that educational buildings should communicate discipline, learning, a knowledge-intensive environment as well as extra-curricular excellence and mental growth. To accomplish our goal of constructing an educational building that students enjoy and can relate to our team works passionately to design an attractive building.

We strive to offer multiple solutions to improve the educational environment of educational institutions. We aim to construct educational buildings that inspire intuition and creativity while offering a comfortable learning environment. In this regard, we offer to broaden the size of classrooms, build chemistry labs with safety emergency exits (when needed), build computer labs with perfect electrical wiring, multimedia placement units in each classroom, and other such facilities. Our goal is not only to satisfy our customers, the building owner, but also the students who will learn in the walls of these buildings. It’s like our way to give back to our community which we love to do at DTC. By opting for green business practices we are already serving this purpose but we never want to miss any opportunity to give back to our society.

DTC feels honored by the educational buildings we have constructed so far. The aspect that makes us different from our competitors is that we deeply understand the need for timely construction in educational institutions. Most educational institutions are looking for speedy construction when adding a new block or section in their current facility to expand their educational operations. The majority of our clients want us to complete construction in one academic year as they want to offer new courses in the coming year or even during summer or winter vacations to extend the available space for students. Our team at DTC is fully committed to handing over the project at the customer’s prescribed time. We are glad that we have been successful in completing the construction of new blocks in a given time and we look forward to facilitating the time-based needs of our clients in the future also. Our talented team plans such projects by cutting slack, using the latest machinery, and allocating more workers and resources to get the task done in time.

We have a competent, reliable, and experienced team who take care of all relevant matters while constructing an educational building including:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Coordination
  • Community outreach program
  • Comparative cost analysis to offer the cost estimation to customer
  • Preconstruction services from general information to 3D design of the building
  • Project specific safety and planning to ensure that all our staff follows safety protocols to protect themselves and act on safety standards for building construction as well
  • Subcontractor procurement on basis of high-quality and timely delivery

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