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OMS Oil Field Services Factory

Project Name

OMS Oil Field Services Factory

Construction Date

28 Jun 2019


Construction of OMS Oil Field Services Factory



Construction of OMS Oil Field Services Factory

Project Details

  • Date Published : 28 Jun 2019
  • Client : OMS Oil Field Services Co.
  • Services: Construction of OMS Oil Field Services Factory

OMS Oil Field service Factory Project- A milestone for DTC

Among many renowned names of KSA, DTC has the honor of facilitating OMS Oil Arabian Services Ltd. with our construction services. We established their OMS Oil Field Service factory in Dammam industrial city. The project was signed on 14/4/2019 and delivered on 12/1/2021.

The extensive layout of all services our DTC team provided for this project is shared below:

  • Leveling works: Our Civil engineers visited the site in the third industrial city of Dammam and checked out the elevation point of the surface of the site in accordance with the height of the building as per the design drafted and approved (by city authorities) by Gap Engineering Consulting.
  • Excavation and burial work: Our team of civil engineers and excavation workers did engineer excavation for the site to lay a strong foundation for the buildings. We also backfilled the bottom of the site with clean fresh soil that was free from salt and any other impurities.
  • Concrete construction: Our construction workers built the structure of the building as per the approved design by constructing regular concrete structures with reinforced structures such as bases, columns, etc. We also worked on building the internal and external areas of buildings. Our workers also installed prefabricated iron and steel structures procured from IBSF. These structures helped to ensure the strength of the constructed buildings.
  • Interior finishing: Along with interior constriction we also provided interior finishing services. These include the flooring where we offered ceramic and marble flooring along with an epoxy surface finish. We also did finishing work for the internal and external staircase. Our workers also did plastering and painting of the walls in the interior and exterior sections of the buildings. Along with doors we also installed false ceilings and did external faced finishing to give a graceful yet appealing look to the buildings.
  • Electrical services: Our experienced team of electrical engineers calculated the electricity needs of the buildings and the number of required connections. Responding to the well-thought-out plan our team installed full-fledged electrical distribution panels with main supply, internal connections like switches, etc. Our team also ensured that all internal lighting system is fully functional in addition to the installed telephone, access control system, door control system, and surveillance system (via color TV).
  • Plumbing services: The plumbing services we provided includes fitting sanitary ware, sewage pipes, pumps, tanks, water supply channel, and electric water heaters.
  • HVAC services: We installed all temperature maintenance systems including heating systems and air conditioners as per the requirement analysis conducted by our expert team. We also installed a ventilation channel including fans to withdraw air and air distributors as per international standards of clean breathing air. Lastly, we also spread a fine-planned network of ducts.
  • Safety and firefighting services: For the safety of the building we installed CCTV surveillance cameras. Whereas to equip the building against any fire breakout we installed automated fire alarms, a water sprinkle system, fire extinguishers, a firebox, pipes, pumps, and valves.
  • Quality Check: Our team conducted a precise quality check to ensure that the quality of all provided services is top-notch and matches international construction standards.

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