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Construction Date

20 July 2017


General Contractor



Arabian Minerals & Chemicals Factory (AMC)

DTC signed the contract with Arabian Minerals & Chemicals LTD on 1 january 2018 for the establishment of their factory in Dammam. We worked as a main contractor on this project. Our DTC team worked with great passion and determination and delivered the project in record time. We handed over the factory to AMC on June 2, 2020. Here are some highlights of the services that we provided:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling: To make the surface of the site strong enough to withstand the construction we had to perform excavation, and leveling techniques. We did it with the help of our machinery as the lot area was quite large and spread in 136,000 square meters. We had to remove the surface layer, rocks, some bushes, and other such obstacles on the site to make it clean and leveled. We also had to backfill the surface to make it reach the required construction level. We sprayed organic and pure soil over the layer to ensure that the foundation of the building will be deeply rooted and strong.
  • Steel Erection: Our team of DTC workers installed prefabricated steel structures that w procured from Kirby building systems. We installed these structures in various places as required by the design of the project.
  • Concrete Structure: We constructed the grey structure of the building on basis of the design we received from AlFarid engineering consultancy. We religiously followed the design and keep their team in the loop so that they can look over the project as well as guide them about any issue they deem important. Thankfully we had developed a great rapport with them and it all went smoothly.
  • Electrical: From the main supply to internal connections, we spread an entire net of electrical wiring to ensure that the building has the required electrical supply. We provided the electrical connections and transformer load as per the calculations and estimations of our experts and electrical engineers. Our team did a fine job in installing all electrical equipment to ensure the safety of all electrical wires by properly insulating them. Our team also tried to aesthetically place the wires in ducts so that they don’t look like a mess.
  • Plumbing: Our workers installed all the plumbing material that we got for this project. We installed sanitary ware, water pipes, hot an cool water supply unit and other such necessary equipment.
  • HVAC: Our team installed ducts and ventilation fans and exhausts. The ventilation system was specifically well thought out as the company will be working in minerals and chemicals which require more ventilation than any other business. Along with this we also installed heaters and air conditioners in the entire unit.
  • Site & Finishing Work: The finishing work we provided includes staircase finishing, plastering & painting of walls, flooring & epoxy surfacing, and other such finishing tasks to ensure that the building is in working condition.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm: To ensure safety we also installed a fire alarm that can automatically detect fire and warn the people in the building. We also installed fire extinguishers and pumps.

Project Details
Date Published : 20 July 2017
Client :  Arabian minerals and chemicals Co.Ltd.
Services: General Contractor

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