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Scope Dammam

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DTC signed the warehouse construction project with the AL Ajlan brothers on 3rd march 2021. We are required to offer multiple services for this project. To manage the project with efficiency our team has devised a layout of all activities in a hierarchical form so we can identify what our team requires to do now. We have also developed all estimations and calculations including the electricity requirement, electric load requirement, ventilation requirement, temperature maintenance requirement, duct installation, and other such important aspects. In short, we have devised all the paperwork will all essential engineering designs, layouts, drawings, and mapping. All we have to do now is implementation.

DTC follows a tradition of learning by experience so our team is allowed to improvise the plan wherever required. So, though we had already planned all the services but this is not some kind of stone engraving that cant is altered. We have already started working on this project enthusiastically and want to complete this project with utmost care and unparalleled service quality. The project is still in transit but here is an outlay of the activities we have planned for our contractual services for this project:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling: Our team has already leveled the ground through effective excavation. It was necessary to treat the surface layer of the site as the layer was contaminated with impure soil and a lot of obstacles. Our team dealt with those obstacles and refilled the excavated site with pure soil.
  • Concrete Structure: Our team has already laid the foundation for the development of the concrete structure. We are working with great passion and motivation to build the grey structure of the building as soon as we can while maintaining the quality that DTC is known for.
  • Steel Erection: We have already procured a prefabricated steel structure from AIC steel as per the contractual agreement. Our team will install these structures in the building to strengthen the grey structure and foundation
  • Electrical: Our team will install all electrical supplies for the warehouse. It is our responsibility to install the main supply, distribution panel, lighting, internal connections, switches, and other essential equipment. We have devised a detailed layout and wiring map for this purpose that we will follow. Our team will wear safety gear while installation of all electric supply equipment because the health and safety of our employees is our responsibility. DTC follows international health and safety standards when it comes to such risky jobs.
  • Plumbing: We will install plumbing equipment and instruments as per our calculations.
  • HVAC: We will install a heating and cooling system to maintain the temperature of the warehouse. Also, we will install ventilation ducts to maintain air quality within the warehouse for employees and as well as stored goods.
  • Site & Finishing Work: We will perform all finishing work including plastering painting, flooring, exterior façade finishing, and interior works.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm: We will install fire fighting equipment as well as automated fire alarms to secure the facility from fire accidents.

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