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Al Nakeel Schools

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Al Nakeel Schools

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To work on Al Nakeel- Altaif schools at Al Jubail City DTC signed a contract with Rawabi Holdings on December 7, 2016. As per the contract, we agreed to provide civil work and electrical services for their 3 schools and admin building. The contract also bounded us to work under the supervision of the Royal Commission, though we had the liberty to work the way we like. It was an amazing opportunity to work under their supervision as we surely learned new methods from them. Under their helpful supervision, we completed and handed over the project on January 2, 2018. The detailed breakdown of the services we provided Rawabi Holdings for this project are as follows:

Civil works: Our Civil engineers worked with designers to devise a workable plan to work on civil work tasks related to this project. We break down the activities from project inception to completion in terms of achievable milestones. Such breakdown not only helps our team to monitor our performance but also boost their morale when they achieve required milestones. As per the planned activities we initiated the construction of all buildings as per building design by Royal Commission. We built classrooms, laboratories, bathrooms, computer lab, library, parking area, assembly area, staff room and other such rooms as per the design. We also did flooring of all buildings including ceramic, marble and epoxy tiles as per the requirement of various rooms of the building. We also built an admin block.

Electrical works: We look after all the electrical works. Our team did a quick research on the electric supply and electric load required by the school. We started by creating drawings of the wiring net, electrical equipment installation, and wire layout. We shared the designs with the team of the Royal Commission to ensure that we don’t have any sort of conflict at any stage. We also added solar panels in our layout to help support the electric units installed in the buildings. So it was quite important to discuss it with the team of the Royal Commission as we needed a good budget for adding solar panels. Thankfully they loved our idea to add solar panels because of two reasons. They said it will surely cut electricity cost for Al Nakeel school in coming years and it is a greener practice to save electric resources. So, after approvals, we started implementing the plan. We installed the main electric supply unit that was connected to distribution panels and internal connections. We installed superior quality LED lights in the entire building to ensure that lighting is at optimum level in each room and won’t create a hurdle in the learning of students. We also installed switchboards, circuit boards, and other such equipment. Our team ensured the safety standards while installing all this equipment that can cause an electric shock. Our electricians and technicians wore the safety gear throughout the installation. They also checked to see that all connections are 100% working.

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