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DTC is proud to serve Gumpro Drilling Fluid Factory satisfactorily. DTC signed a contract with Gumpro on February 5, 2020, for establishing a Gumpro Drilling Fluids factory in Saudi Arabia. DTC agreed to establish the factory on an area of 14000 square meters. Gumpro got its’ factory design from the Reef consulting office (who got it approved by City Authorities) and the entire supply of steel structures (prefabricated) from AIC. Though DTC didn’t design the project itself still it started the job with a commitment to provide superior implementation services. DTC followed the approved design religiously to live up to its promise of flawless implementation and construction as per the client’s unique requirements.DTC offered its’ implementation services to establish the administrative block and warehouse of Gumpro. To completely follow the design we had to offer diverse services. Initially, we had to level the ground of the site to eliminate the surface layer and any stumbling block that could create a hindrance to project completion. We also performed the Excavation task and burial works on the site. Our engineers excavated the foundation, reservoirs, and bases. They also provided temporary support to the excavation site to properly level the bottom of the site making it compact. Our engineers not only dealt with the surface but also backfilled the bottom along with linked roads with clean soil that is free of all salts and impurities.Our MEP team did an amazing job in installing all MEP-relevant equipment efficiently. Our team of expert construction workers did all the required concrete work both on the internal and external areas of the site. They also installed metal structures on the site wherever required. We also installed electrical panels with a full-fledge system of internal connections, main supply, and switches along with a fully functional interior lighting system, fire safety alarm system, communication system, CCTV, door control system, and access control system.

Our plumbing team installed and tested the working of pumps, sewage, cold and hot water installation, tanks, and electric water heaters. Whereas our workers did a satisfactory job in installing air conditioning systems, ventilation ducts, split air condition units, commercial exhausts, and flawless duct installation for ventilation and air distribution system. For the safety of the site, we installed firefighting and safety systems based on modern technology. We installed a water sprinkle system, fire pump, firebox with all firefighting equipment, fire extinguishers, and an efficient fire alarm system.For all these mentioned services, our team worked passionately with zest to prove their abilities. We made drawings of all these tasks as per the calculations shared by our experts after careful analysis of the site requirements. Our experts analyzed the electrical load requirement, air conditioning necessity, and safety system review along with estimating the mechanical work that is feasible to complete the project as promised. Our team worked as one unit and collaborated on all aspects to ensure that they are on right track.With our committed efforts, we were able to complete the project on August 1, 2021, and deliver it to GumproDTC successfully handed over the Gumpro project.

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