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Construction Date

3 Jan 2018


Infra-structure / Civil / Steel Structure / Electromechanical / Finishing Works



IGas Al Khobar Industrial Gases Factory Project Details

DTC successfully handed over the establishment of the IGas Al Khobar Industrial Gases Factory and warehouse in Dammam on 10 Oct 2019. We are proud of the team efforts that we offered for this project. The detail of services we provided includes:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling: The Industrial area in Dammam needs excavation and leveling before actual construction. For this purpose, our team excavated the top layer of the surface and backfilled it with pure and organic sand to make it able to hold the constructed building. Leveling and backfilling s of great significance to ensure that the foundation building is strong and long-lasting.
  • Steel Erection: We had to procure the steel structures from Zamil Steel which were already fabricated. We send them the details of the structures we needed for the construction of this factory and warehouse. We are glad that they cooperated with us and supplied us with the structures at the designated time.
  • Concrete Structure: The most essential service we offered was building the grey structure of the factory as well as the warehouse. To construct we followed the design of the AlFarid Engineering office. We followed the design with utmost accuracy while keeping specifications in mind. We also kept the team of AlFarid consultancy in the loop so that they can monitor all our construction efforts. Our team ensured t follow all minor as well as major dimensions as per the design to live up to our commitment.
  • Electrical services: Our expert team estimated the electrical requirements of the factory and warehouse. We also calculated the required electrical load to provide the electricity facility as needed. We installed an electrical main supply in connection with the internal electric switches and sockets. Our electrical engineers visited the site to verse the work of electricians because they wanted to make sure that all wires are kept in insulation and placed in ducts so as not to affect the look of the factory.
  • Plumbing: Our workers installed all plumbing equipment. We installed the water supply unit for both hot and cool water and fitted sanitary, pumps, pipes, and tanks.
  • HVAC services: Our team gave a lot of thought to the installation of ventilation fans and exhausts as per the capacity of the factory as the premises will be used in industrial gases. Our experts made a well-thought-out plan to install ducts and vents in the factory and warehouse as per the requirement. We also installed a heating system and air-conditioning system (split ACs to control electricity bills) to control the temperature inside the factory and warehouse.
  • Site & Finishing Work: The finishing work we did for the factory and warehouse includes the staircase finishing, adequate flooring, painting, and other such tasks. As for flooring, we installed ceramic, marble, and epoxy floors as per the requirement.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm: As per the industry protocols, it is essential to build firefighting equipment in factories. We installed a fire alarm that works automatically by detecting smoke or fire. This alarm system is connected to a siren that is loud enough to warn all people present in these buildings. We also installed firefighting equipment including fire extinguishers, pumps, and pipes

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