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Construction Date

2 Dec 2018


General Contractor , Turnkey Project



The Atyaf Avenue Mall project was quite challenging for DTC. But we are glad that we finished the project as per the scope and service requirements. We signed the project on 15 October 2018 with Mr. Abdul Mohsen Saad Al-Ruwaished for the establishment of their Mall in Corniche Road Khobar. We made extensive engineering designs, drawings, and plans to complete the project in promised time. It was the fruit of our hard work that we handed over the project on 1 June 2020

The details of the planned, as well as the actual implementation of all services, are as follows:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling: The surface of the site needed excavation and leveling. Our team planned as per the area of the site (10000 square meters). We moved our excavation machinery to the site and initiated excavation. Afterwards we remove obstacles and any irrelevant material from the site. Later we backfilled the site to ensure that the surface soil can withhold the construction.
  • Steel Erection: We procured steel structures from Dolphin International Steel Factory as per the contractual requirements. We installed all these structures wherever required in the concrete structure as well in the foundation of the Mall to strengthen the structure and base of the building.
  • Concrete Structure: We initiated constructing the concrete structure as per the planned layout and building design drafted by Vido. We followed the design religiously and kept Vido team in the pool to check out the compliance at every stage of project development. We included parking lot, shops, halls, lobby, escalators, stairs as per the design. As the design depicted, we also built a fire exit as per the industry standards and requirements.
  • Electrical: We installed the electric supply unit from scratch as per our planned layout. We spread the wiring map. We installed the main electric supply and connected it will internal connections and switchboards. We also installed all safety equipment for electricity channels to ensure the safety of the building and the people who will be in contact with electrical equipment.
  • Plumbing: we installed all plumbing equipment from sanitary ware to water supply. We also installed a cooling and heating system for water.
  • HVAC: We installed all heating and cooling systems including centrally air-conditioned and heating units to maintain the inside temperature of the Mall. We also installed ventilation fans and ducts.
  • Site & Finishing Work: After the grey structure was built and all electric, plumbing, and HVAC equipment were installed we moved towards the finishing of the Mall. The finishing services include plastering of walls, painting, flooring (marble for the mall’s floor, ceramic for bathrooms, and epoxy layer in the parking lot), external façade, and staircase finishing.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm: At the end, our team installed equipment to ensure safety against any fire incident. For this purpose, we installed an automated fire alarm that will start beeping on its own after identifying any fire or smoke. We also installed fire fighting equipment like fire pumps, extinguishers, and other such equipment.

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