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Construction Date

1 January 2020


General Contractor



The Hala Mall project is a high-scale and high-paying project for DTC. We signed the project on 12 January 2019 with the owner of Jawharat Hizan Co. to establish Hala Mall in Hafr AL-Batin. The work on this Mall is still in process and we are trying hard to complete the project as per clients’ requirements. The details of the project and our services are shared below:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling: Our team excavated the site using our advanced machinery by trench and digging the site area wherever required. We also leveled the surface afterward and change the top soil layer with the organic and pure soil layer. Soil composition is necessary for a strong foundation and construction. Our team did necessary soil tests before laying the foundation of the mall.
  • Steel Erection: Our team used prefabricated steel structures to assemble and erect steel to ensure a strong building structure. Steel erection is an advanced way to strengthen the building and elevate its useful life.
  • Concrete Structure: Our team started constructing the concrete structure a while ago based on the Mall design shared by Ahmed Al Mousa Engineering consultancy office Ahmed Al Mousa. We have constructed most of the grey structure for the Mall. The shopping center is almost complete and has multiple shops. We also constructed a food court where almost 20 restaurants will serve the visitors in addition to some cafes. We have also constructed the dancing fountain. Its design is simply jaw-dropping and we are delighted that we have constructed it as per the design. Our team has constructed an entertainment hall where visitors can enjoy multiple entertainment activities and games like bowling, billiards, skiing, etc. Our team has also constructed the Roman Theater where live events like concerts will take place. Some of the construction work is still in transit but we are almost done and we hope that the rest of the work will be completed in a few months.
  • Electrical Services: We have already calculated the required electric load for this Mall. We have installed an Electric supply and distribution channel. But installing all internal connections will still take some time. We have already installed the electric distribution panel and circuit breakers but some of the jobs are still in transit in this domain.
  • Plumbing: Our plumbing task is also undergoing. We have already installed a sewage line but we are still fitting sanitary ware in the Mall. The water supply channel has already been established. We have also made a connection between the water pipe with the dancing fountain. Still, some work is left in this domain.
  • HVAC: Our HVAC work is still in transit. We have procured a central heating and air-conditioning system for the Mall. It is installed in the shopping area but still, we have to install It in the rest of the mall. We have already built ducts where necessary and we are fitting ventilation fans in the specified location.
  • Site & Finishing Work: Our finishing work is majorly pending but we have installed floorings and done painting in some of the areas.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm: Installing firefighting equipment is still pending.


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