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Al Yamama Factory

Project Name

Al Yamama Factory

Construction Date

1 April 2018





Al Yamamah Project Successfully Delivered

DTC is proud to complete yet another milestone by satisfactorily delivering the Al Yamamah project. We signed this project in October 2017 and successfully finished and delivered the project in around 2 years on December 30, 2019. We take each project as a new challenge and put all our energy into completing the project as per our client’s requirements.

This project was very interesting as the factory was already designed and approved by Modon (industrial cities authority) through the services of The Impact Office for Engineering Consultations who also supervised all our implementation work. It was great working in collaboration with them. Their team was extremely humble and they let our team design the drawings and implementation plan with utmost autonomy to showcase our skills.

Al Yamamah already had a contract with Zamil Steel Holding Company for the supply of required prefabricated steel structures. So, we got all steel structures from them and they cooperated with us by on-time delivery of all required prefabricated structures.

We initiated the project with the installation of these steel structures. Our team did a comprehensive job in assembling and installing all prefabricated structures professionally.

Our team devised all required shop drawings, engineering designs, and layouts to understand the job at hand. Our team made all these designs by visiting the building and assessing its’ needs for various electromechanically and HVAC services. All drawings were devised upon careful analysis and professional calculations. Our team did an extensive review of the electrical and mechanical requirements of the buildings as per their design. We also calculated the essential electrical loads to provide the necessary power supply for the seamless working of the factory. The HVAC, safety, and firefighting needs were also assessed by our expert team members.

Let’s take a quick look at the detail of the services we provided Al Yamamah

Interior works services: We offered to finish for internal and external staircase, installed ceramic and marble floors (as per industrial needs), did plastering where required, painted the interior and exterior of buildings, installed false ceilings, installed doors, offered to finish for external façade and applied epoxy on flooring.

Electrical services: We installed electric distribution panels along with the main supply, all internal electric connections, and switches. We also installed all electrical exits for light switches, wires, connections, pipes, ducts, and grounding. Our team installed all interior lighting systems to ensure the bright interior of the factory. We also installed a telephone system, CCTV surveillance system with colored camera door control system, and access control system.

Plumbing services: Our experienced plumbing team installed tanks, pumps, sewage pipes, cold and hot water units, sanitary ware, and electric water heaters.

HVAC services: Our team installed air conditioning units (split ACs), ventilation systems (exhausts and fans to expel air, air distributors), heating systems, and internal ducts inside the entire building as per the designed outlay.

Safety services: Along with CCTV cameras for security our team installed firefighting equipment to deal with any unfortunate fire incident. We installed fire alarms, firebox, fire pumps, fire valves, pipes, fire extinguishers, and the latest water sprinkle system to deal with a fire emergency.

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