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United Stars Warehouses

Project Name

United Stars Warehouses

Construction Date

21 Aug 2016


Main Contractor



DTC signed a contract with the management of United Stars Transport Company for the establishment of their warehouse in the 2nd Industrial city of Dammam on an area of 13700 square meters. We signed the contract on August 21 2016 and with great determination, our team ma nagged to hand over the completed project on May 1, 2017. Here are the project details and services we provided:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling: We practically started off the work on this site with excavation. We moved our state-of-the-art excavation machinery to the site to start excavation to ensure a strong foundation and base for the warehouse. We also removed the top surface layer of the site and exchanged it with a pure organic soil layer as the nature of soil determines the quality and life of the building we construct over it.
  • Steel Erection: We started building the warehouse by assembling the steel structures. We got the supply of prefabricated steel structures from Mitwalli Steel Products Factory Co. We shared our need for structures and they send us the consignment directly on the site. We coordinated with them our demands and got a planned supply so as to ensure that we don’t have to store the additional steel structures.
  • Concrete Structure: We build the concrete structure the building over the required lot area as per the design of Sahab Engineering Consultancy. As per industry standards, we leave a gallery on the sides of the building. The warehouse is built in form of two large halls with a separate office and guard room.
  • Electrical: The electric connection is essential to run the building. Our team made estimations of the requirement of electric load keeping in mind the nature of business. We also discussed the estimations with the team of United Stars Company. As per the estimations, we installed the electric supply and distribution along with connections to the internal connections and switchboards. Of course, we also installed all preventive and safety measures like circuit breakers, etc. Our electricians and technicians make sure that all electrical connections are fully functional.
  • Plumbing: We installed a sewage system and sanitary ware in restrooms and also installed a water supply.
  • HVAC: For this warehouse, the most essential HVAC service was the proper ventilation channel. We installed large vents and ducts to ensure proper ventilation. We also installed cooling and heating systems wherever required.
  • Site & Finishing Work: Finishing work was very challenging for our team. For the warehouse, we did plastering, painting, and concrete flooring with an epoxy layer to make it look nice. We choose white color for the epoxy layer which makes the warehouse look wide and bright. For the office area, we did ceramic flooring and as for outside we laid down the concrete road-like flooring and leveled it. We also painted it with different arrows and highlighted parking spots.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm: As per industry standards we installed fire extinguishers and fire alarms to warn people in the warehouse in the case of fire eruption.


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