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The signing of contract between Al Yamamah ( Nabatat ) and Dorar Tammam Co.

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The signing of contract between Al Yamamah ( Nabatat ) and Dorar Tammam Co.

DTC has been serving the KSA market in the construction sector since 2004. Since its inception, DTC has worked hard to earn a credible market repute by proving its’ capabilities. It maintained to serve the market with superior construction services which is why DTC has become a trusted name in the construction sector of KSA. We are proud that our clientele is increasing and many new clients are approaching us for our construction services. We always believe in serving customers in any way we can. So even if they want us to help them with some part of the total project we never refuse our clients and provide our services in the required manner.

Dorar Tammam Co. is proud to land another prestigious customer for construction services. We signed a contract with Al Yamamah Trading and Contracting Company on October 22, 2017. The contract entails the establishment of their unit for Steel and Electromechanical Industries Factory on an area of approximately 43,000 square meters. The budget of the project is set at 7,250,000 Saudi Riyals. The factory is to be established in the third industrial city in Dammam which is almost 80 km away from Dammam city.

The factory design is drafted and approved by industrial city authorities by Impact Office for Engineering Consultations. They will also be responsible to supervise the implementation of the design. Whereas the prefabricated steel structures are procured by Zamil Steel Holding Company. DTC is responsible to construct the factory consisting of an administration block and warehouse as per the pre-approved construction design.

As per the scope of this contract, DTC will implement the following construction tasks:

Install steel structures in the buildings

Interior finishing works: We will do all the interior setup from flooring through painting. We will deliver the building in workable condition to Al Yamamah.

Electrical work: We will be responsible for installing all electrical equipment from distribution panels to the interior lighting units. It will also include all security equipment.

Plumbing work: DTC will be responsible to perform all plumbing tasks of the buildings.

HVAC: This contract binds us to take care of HVAC systems installed in the buildings. We ensure to put the best ventilation techniques to ensure comfortable working here as this factory will work for steel and electromechanical activities.

Safety and firefighting system: DTC will also take full responsibility for installing the latest equipment for safety and firefighting throughout the buildings.

Our specialized team will work through all these above-mentioned tasks adequately because it is our major goal to offer a satisfactory job to Al Yamamah. For all these services we will devise our drawings, engineering designs, and implementation strategies. Our expert and experienced team will do all calculations before initiating the implementation. We will do an extensive review of all services before handing over the project to Al Yamamah because we want to offer them a fully functional building from which they can start operations immediately.