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Successful completion of Alfa Wood Industries Factory project

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Successful completion of Alfa Wood Industries Factory project

DTC team takes pleasure in serving clients from all sectors. But serving the clients with production facilities is a real honor because it serves our purpose of giving back to our community with elevated job opportunities and an increase in local production. The project of Alfa Wood Industries Factory was one such project that we took pride in. We started the project on 22nd October 2017 after officially taking up the project from Al Yamamah Company. Our team worked passionately to meet all client-specific requirements and instructions. We are glad that our hard work paid off and we completed and delivered the project on 22nd October 2019 right after 2 years.

We worked as per the clear guidelines and instructions provided by Al Yamamah Company. As per the scope of the project the design drafting, approval from authorities, and construction supervision were assigned to the Impact Office for Engineering Consultations whereas for prefabricated structural steel Zamil Steel Holding Company was hired. We worked along these boundaries to ensure that all commitments of Al Yamamah Company remain intact.

Our work domain was to construct their warehouse and administrative block in the third industrial city of Dammam which is around 80 km away from the actual Dammam City. Thankfully we had the resources and capabilities to move our machinery and equipment to the location for construction services.

Our team devised a feasible workable plan to carry out all construction services as per the scope of the contract. After careful planning, we started the implementation phase.

We started with basic concrete construction and installation of iron and prefabricated steel structures to ensure a strong foundation of buildings. We did all the interior finishing work including stairs finishing, plastering, and painting of walls, flooring, and external façade finishing.

We also provided extensive electrical works service whereby we installed electricity distribution panels, internal connections, lighting system, telecom system, access control system, door control system, and CCTV surveillance.

Our plumbing workers installed all relevant equipment including tanks, sanitary, water supply installation, pumps, etc.

We also installed HVAC equipment in buildings including heating systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems, and systemized ducts network. As for the safety of the buildings, we installed color TV surveillance. We also installed firefighting equipment including a firebox, fire alarm, sprinkle system, pumps, fire extinguishers, pipes, and valves.

We reviewed all these services to make sure that quality standards are met. DTC believes in following international safety and working standards. This is why we need to assure that the project we completed is right on quality tracks. This is why we always assign quality control units to measure the quality of projects because we want to tackle all issues and faults in a timely fashion. We can’t afford to disappoint our clients in any way.

We are glad that our hard work paid off and we delivered the project by fulfilling all requirements of our client. Our client Al Yamamah Company is glad about our work and their satisfaction is our biggest accomplishment.