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Forcetech fibmix steelfiber (1)


Fibmix Steel fibers mixed into the concrete can provide an alternative to the provision of conventional steel bars or welded fabric in some applications. The concept has been in existence for many years (the first patent was applied for in 1874), and it has been used in a limited range of applications: among the first major uses was the patching of bomb craters in runways during World War II. However, it was during the 1970s that commercial use of this material began to gather momentum, particularly in Europe, Japan and the USA.
Today, industrial floors and pavements are major applications for steel-fiber-reinforced concrete. In the United Kingdom, several million of steel-fiber-reinforced slabs have been installed over the past ten years, both for ground-supported and pile-supported floors. Other major applications for fiber-reinforced concrete include external paved areas, sprayed concrete, composite slabs on steel decking and precast elements.


Forcetech have extensive experience in Steel Fiber manufacturing that focuses on state-of-the-art technologies and cutting-edge solutions. Steel fiber has evolved into an everyday solution. We offer a product that is essential to today’s construction business. Based on highly creative, innovative ideas and technology. Steel Fiber has earned us a strong reputation among both domestic and foreign clients. FORCETECH aims to expand and deliver high-quality solutions all over the world to exceed clients’ expectations. We are a dealer for forcetech products in Saudi Arabia.

We can supply and install the following:

  • FIBMIX HE/BGL (Hooked End Bright Glued)
  • FIBMIX HE/BL (Hooked End Bright Loose)

DTC Technical and engineering support:

  • We are here to support you at every stage.
  • Setting up your project specification.
  • Recommending the most appropriate fiber type to dosage rates to guarantee performance and comply with the specifications.
  • Helping in concrete design optimization.
  • On-site support and supervision for better performance.