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Project successfully delivered to Gumpro


Project successfully delivered to Gumpro

DTC always takes pleasure in successfully delivering the projects while ensuring customer satisfaction. Our entire team at DTC is delighted for the successful completion and delivery of the project to the Gumpro Drilling Fluids Factory. It was an absolute honor to work with Gumpro. We signed the contract on 2nd February 2020 to construct the building spread on a 14000 square foot area located in Dammam. We initiated the project as soon as possible.

The project was already designed by Reef engineering consultancy and AIC was contracted to supply prefabricated structures of steel. We were told about this arrangement before signing the contract.  We were assigned the task of establishing the building and implementing the design into the building. We took the project as a challenge and our team based on experts from all fields and management levels collaborated to draft the inside designs, layouts, and shop drawings for the MEP-related services.

Our team thoroughly analyzed the site before project initiation so that we can start the project with a complete understanding of the area and whereabouts of the site. Our team worked hard in assessing the various needs and requirements of the site and making realistic calculations to facilitate our client in the best possible way.

We take each project as a new challenge and the biggest task ahead in the initiation of this project was leveling and excavation of the site. Due to impure soil and the unleveled surface area we had to perform these tasks with utmost care. Our team managed to successfully excavate the site and backfill it with clean and pure soil.

Afterward, our engineers and workers started working on steel erection structures and concrete buildings. Our team followed the approved design to construct as per the scope of the project. After the grey structure was built our team cross-checked the layouts for MEP and safety services with the actual building structure. We then started installing MEP structures and equipment in the interior and exterior areas of the site. We installed electrical equipment, and HVAC systems, and did all the plumbing work. We also installed safety and firefighting systems as per the needs of the building. We ensure that all safety equipment is based on the latest technology.

Our team tested the functionality of all these installed units, structures, and equipment to save our client from any discomfort. The site was approved as completed once all these systems are tested and checked through a precise quality control system that is the specialty of DTC.

With expertise and hard work, our team maintained to complete the project in 1 and a half years from the time of initiation.  We delivered the completed project to Gumpro management on 1st August 2021. Our team was excited to learn about the positive reviews and satisfaction of our client Gumpro. We also feel honored to be a part of this project as DTC strives to give back to the community in any possible way. This project aided in enhancing the domestic industrial production in KSA which makes us extremely proud.