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Project in Transit for Al Ajlan Warehouse

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Project in Transit for Al Ajlan Warehouse

Al Ajlanand DTC shares a great working history. It is an honor that they are satisfied with our previous projects and have awarded us another chance to serve them. We take pride in serving recurring customers. This project is very special for our entire DTC family because we have earned this through our hard work and determination to serve.

We signed a contract with Abdul Aziz Al-Ajlan Brother Real Estate on March 3, 2021. As per the contract, we have to offer services for warehouse development in the Industrial City of Dammam. The scope of the contract is quite vast which bound us to offer multiple services. The lot area of the site for this project spreads on 120000 square meters and the contractual value of this project is around 93,430,825 Saudi Riyal. Working on this project is doubly special for our team. On one hand, we are glad that we get a chance to serve again a recurring esteemed customer whereas on another hand the project expects to bring exceptional growth in the economy of KSA. The project will add to the development of local industrial production which will not only create jobs for KSA locals but will also contribute to the GDP. This will flourish the local economy, and industry while uprising the lifestyle of KSA locals. DTC always takes pride in being associated with such mega projects through which we can give back to our community and beloved Kingdom.

What’s important in this project is that we did not have to develop a building design because the Al Ajlan group has already got it from Impact engineering consultancy. They have already got the design approved by the city authorities. This is why our team straightaway started planning to execute that design. We devised an expert team right after signing the contract. Our team has brainstormed together to develop extensive drawings, enginnering designs, shop drawings, layouts, and plans. We have also done all calculations regarding the project because Al Ajlan Group gave us the liberty to do estimations on our own. Our experts did calculations by keeping realistic aspects in mind to ensure that our figures match the practical limits. Based on these calculations we have made all budget estimations, work layout plans and marked achievable milestones.

Currently, the project is in transit and the work has just started. As per the scope of the contract, we are required to provide these services for the completion of this project:

  • Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling.
  • Concrete Structure.
  • Steel Erection.
  • Site & Finishing Work.
  • Fire Fighting & Fire Alarm.

We have achieved the Leveling and Excavation & Backfilling milestone and our team are currently working on building the concrete structure. We have already laid the foundation and are working on the grey structure of the building. We have also procured fabricated steel structures from AIC steel as per contractual commitment and the installation is also under process. We are working with determination to complete this project with great efficiency and effectiveness within the promised time.