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OMS Oil Field Service Factory Project handed over

OMS Factory (7)

OMS Oil Field Service Factory Project handed over

DTC has met another accomplishment in its’ construction journey. We are grateful to Almighty Allah and proud of all the team members that we completed and handed over the project of OMS Oil Arabian Services Ltd. We signed the project on April 14, 2019, to construct their OMS Oil Field Service factory in the third industrial city Dammam. We initiated the project right after officially signing the contract. We shifted our machinery and required equipment to the site to ensure efficient working. With our realistic calculations and expert analysis, we were able to devise workable engineering plans and shop designs which helped us to work on this project with great efficiency.  Our entire team contributed their best efforts in completing the project within the promised time frame. We successfully delivered the project on January 12, 2021.

The project was quite adventurous for our team as we tried new smarter work strategies and the latest equipment to complete the project as per OMS’s requirements. The warehouse and admin block that we built spread over an area of 86,000 square meters. We faced a lot of challenges throughout our construction journey but we faced each challenge with grace and passion to live up to our promise of construction excellence.

This project was unique because we had to collaborate with IBSF and Gap Engineering Consulting throughout the project. We had to work with these two companies to abide by the contractual arrangements of OMS which they run by us when the contract was being signed. Our coordination with both these companies had been great and we learned a lot from them. We are grateful to the management of both these companies for their kind cooperation and great gestures. We collaborated with IBSF for the procurement of prefabricated steel structures which are used in this project. Whereas Gap Engineering Consulting designed the entire project, got its approval from concerned authorities, and also supervised all our implementation services.

DTC offered these services as per our contractual commitment with OMS:

  • Leveling of surface to ensure that the surface is leveled and smooth.
  • Excavation and burial to remove the impure soil layer and backfill the site with construction-friendly soil to prep the surface for construction.
  • Concrete structure construction as per design of Gap Engineering Consulting
  • Interior finishing services
  • Electric services to install all electrical equipment
  • Plumbing services
  • HVAC services
  • Safety and firefighting equipment installation services.
  • Review of all our services by the quality control team

All these services were closely scrutinized to ensure that the promise of superior quality is met. Our team gave their 100% output for this project. We are quite glad that we managed to complete the project in a record time of 21 months.  The most satisfying thing about this project is that it gave us chance to indirectly contribute to the growth of the local economy. DTC is committed to giving back to its community and helping local business flourish and this project is our effort to contribute our bit as a socially responsible corporation.