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New project delivered by DTC to Al-Araji Plastic Company


New project delivered by DTC to Al-Araji Plastic Company

Successful delivery of construction site to Al-Araji Plastic Company

DTC is grateful to Almighty Allah for being capable of living up to our promise of delivering the project within the promised time duration. We signed a contract with Al Araji Plastic Company on 25th July 2018 for the construction of their administrative building and warehouse in the third industrial city in Dammam. We promised to deliver the project within 6 months from its inception.

To initiate working we devised a special team solely dedicated to this project. Our dedicated team worked on this project from beginning to end. We regard all our clients, whether small or big. This is why we devise a special team who can work actively on their project without any disruption or confusion of responsibility. The biggest challenge in this project was surface leveling, excavation, and backfilling. But we are glad that our workers did an amazing job and complete the task in record time. Without timely surface preparation, we would have never completed the project in time. Our team worked passionately to complete the project while ensuring superior quality. We completed the project and delivered it to Al Araji Plastic Company on 10th January 2019.

Al Araji liked our services and appreciated our team for the efforts we have put in to complete their project. The project itself was a challenge to us and we did our best to live up to the expectations set for our client.

Al Araji approached us for the construction services whereas they already got their design approved by Impact Office for Engineering Consultations who also supervised our implementation services. Al Araji also has a prior contract with Kirby Building Systems for the supply of prefabricated steel structures.

Our task was to construct the buildings as per the approved designs. We initiated the project by doing leveling works for the site. We had to prepare the site for construction for which we removed the surface layer and removed all obstacles. Afterward, we did excavation and burial works whereby we did engineering excavation, earthwork, and leveling. We backfilled the bottom to reach the required surface level for construction.

We also provided the concrete construction services for this project along with interior finishing works, electrical system installation, plumbing job, HVAC systems installation, safety equipment installation, and firefighting system installation. For all these services we made extensive workable layout plans whereby we planned each and every activity and service.

Alongside these services, our quality control team inspected the entire project at each level. They did a precise investigation of all installed equipment and the quality of all services. We left no stone unturned to ensure that there is no compromise on the quality of the project. It is because superior quality is DTC’s pride and this is why we always remain so concerned about it. After extensive quality checks and approval by Impact Office for Engineering Consultations who supervised this project, we handed over the project successfully to Al Araji.