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DTC signed a contract with Al Araji Plastic Factory

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DTC signed a contract with Al Araji Plastic Factory

DTC has managed to develop a positive reputation over the years by offering unparalleled construction services in KSA. It is the fruit of these services to the commercial sector that we are securing contracts for large manufacturing units. Recently we signed a contract with Al Araji Plastic Factory on July 25, 2018.

As per the terms of the contract, Al Araji has hired the Impact Office for Engineering Consultations to design the factory and get the approval of the design by city authorities. While Al Araji has also contracted with Kirby Building systems for the procurement of prefabricated structural steel. We get the responsibility to implement the design and construct the administration block and warehouse for the factory. We agreed to let the Impact Office for Engineering Consultations supervise all our implementation services so we both will be working in close contact.

The said admin block and warehouse are based on a 13000 square meters area and the approved budget for this project are 5,050,000 Saudi Riyals. The location of the project is in the third industrial city in Dammam which is around 80 km away from Dammam’s main city.

  • Leveling works to clean the surface of the site and ensure smooth construction.
  • We will also provide excavation and burial services for the site. We will also backfill the bottom after excavation to the required level before starting construction to make the foundation strong and steady.
  • We will offer all the concrete work to build the interior and exterior of the buildings. This includes doing all metal work and installation of steel structures and iron structures.
  • Interior finishing service is also a part of this contract whereby we will deal with flooring, plastering, painting, and other such finishing works.
  • We will also offer electrical services from the installation of electrical panels to interior switches and operational lighting systems.
  • The contract also involves plumbing services across the site from sewage pipes installation to water supply.
  • DTC will also handle HVAC services and the installation of all HVAC-related systems.
  • Safety and firefighting services are also in our domain for this project.

All these services are the sole responsibility of DTC so we will surely devise our own work designs, implementation strategy, and shop drawings to ensure effective and efficient implementation of all required services.

We are going to dedicate a team that will be in charge of this project from initiation through completion and delivery. We believe that dedicating a team makes it easy for the members to plan activities and services effectively. It also helps us to monitor the progress of the project and ascertain the responsibility of all team members. A quality control team will also monitor the quality of the project and we won’t declare the project complete until our quality team approves the service quality of this project.

We aim to complete and deliver this project within 6 months as we trust the capability of our team members and resources.