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DTC secured the contract of OMS Oil Field Services Factory

industrial projects DTC - dorar tammam (14)

DTC secured the contract of OMS Oil Field Services Factory

It’s another milestone for DTC that we secured a construction contract with OMS Oil Arabian Services Ltd. We are overwhelmed to sign the official contract on April 14, 2019, for the construction of the OMS Oil Field Service factory project. The contract bound us to construct the Oil factory in the third industrial city in Dammam.

The factory we are going to construct is spread over a total area of 86,000 square meters. The budget of the project is 24,078,380 Saudi Riyals. The scope of the project is bound to construct an city in Dammam building and a warehouse. In this field service unit connectors with large diameters will be produced which will be supplied to the local gas and oil industry. This will in turn help the local economy grow and increase job opportunities. We are glad that we are going to be a part of such a productive project through which we can contribute our bit to our local economy and community.

The project is of macro level and to complete it as per the client’s requirements we have already formulated a team of experts from all areas. The biggest challenge in this project is to prepare the surface of the land for construction, as the land is too rough and uneven that we can’t construct the building without proper excavation and leveling. Our team will visit the land to check out the surface conditions and plan the leveling work accordingly after expert analysis.

For the construction of this site as per specific client’s needs and requirements we will provide the following services:

  • Leveling: We will remove the surface layer of the site.
  • Excavation and burial: We will offer engineering excavation services to make the surface level perfect for construction.
  • Concrete construction: We will construct the structure of the building with concrete and also install prefabricated steel and iron structures where required to solidify the foundation of the building (procured from IBSF).
  • Interior: We will offer all interior finishing services to ensure that the interior is perfect in shape for use.
  • Electricity services: We will install electrical supply instruments from distribution panels to interior connection and operative switches.
  • Plumbing services: We will also all plumbing services by installing all relevant equipment
  • Air conditioning and heating system: We will install an air conditioner as well as a heating system throughout the buildings to maintain the temperature in extreme outside temperatures.
  • Ventilation system: We will install ventilation systems including huge fans.
  • Safety and firefighting: The safety of the building is our utmost priority for which we provide adequate safety and firefighting equipment.

We are passionate to start work on this project. Our team is quite positive that we have the required capabilities and resources the complete the project smoothly by following all guidelines and requirements of OMS Oil Company. We believe in smart work as compared to hard work which is why we hope to offer smart solutions for all construction requirements of OMS.