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DTC locked contract for Educational Center with Rawabi Holdings


DTC locked contract for Educational Center with Rawabi Holdings

DTC locked contract for Educational Center with Rawabi Holdings

DTC has signed a contract with Rawabi Holdings as an executive contractor for their Educational Center. This contract is quite vast in scope as it involves the construction of three schools along with an admin building. We officially signed the contractual agreement on 7 December 2016. As per the agreement we will provide the services in Al Jubail city which is a convenient location for us. The total value of this contract is 15,302,693 Saudi Riyal. We are determined to deliver the project with exceptional quality.

This contract is doubly important for DTC. Firstly because we value all our customers and Rawabi Holdings is a prestigious name in KSA so it is an honor for us to work with them. Secondly, because DTC is determined to do its bit for society and by constructing schools we will be contributing to the progress of our community. These schools are an effort to transform the educational standard in KSA by offering a British curriculum, English language training, and international standard education. So, by working on this project DTC will indirectly contribute towards nation-building and educational supremacy in KSA.

For this project, we will be offering civil and electrical services. Though the design of these buildings is already drafted by the engineering consultancy firm Royal Commission. They also got this design approved by Al Jubail City authorities so we can start working on it right away without waiting for any sort of approval. As per the agreement between Rawabi Holdings and Royal Commission, they will be supervising all our services and project execution. They will ensure site safety, site coordination, budgeting, and progress monitoring, and oversee all planning and scheduling efforts. The great thing is that we will have the liberty to design our services the way we desire and then we will get those approved by Royal Commissions before implementation. So, our team’s ability to innovate is not compromised in any way. We are quite excited to work with Royal Commission as we take this project as a learning opportunity. We hope that we will have a smooth and professional interaction with them throughout this project and our team members will surely learn from their experience.

To start working on this project, we have already set up our team based on civil engineers, designers, electrical engineers, workers, technicians, and supporting staff. Our team includes all those skills that are required to successfully execute this project. We have instructed them to initiate the work on this project by planning and realistically scheduling the activities. The extensive plan and schedule will only guide them about the activities they are required to do but will also help them to monitor their performance by comparing the thresholds they have achieved versus the thresholds they had to achieve as per the plan. For sure our team will discuss the entire plan with the team of the Royal Commission which is overseeing this project. We want them to be on board with all activities we are planning to effectively complete this project.