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DTC is working for United Stars Transport Company


DTC is working for United Stars Transport Company

DTC signed another contract in 2016 and this time it is with United Stars Transport Company. Both parties signed the contract on August 21, 2016. The contract entitles DTC to work as the main contractor for the establishment of the United stars warehouse in the 2nd Industrial City at Dammam. The warehouse will be established on a total area of 13700 square meters and DTC has 1 year time to do that.

For DTC the contract is quite important not because of its value (11,400,000 Saudi Riyal) but because United Stars Transport Company is an esteemed name in the KSA transport industry. DTC wants to ensure that its services are good enough to satisfy the management of United Stars Transport Company. Our team is quite determined to work on this project with great care ensuring superior quality which is the specialty of DTC

For this project, we will devise all the strategies to complete the part in the prescribed time, but at the same time, we will also take care of United Star’s commitments with other third-party suppliers. Two major commitments are relevant to this project. One commitment is with Mitwalli Steel Products Factory Co. for the procurement of prefabricated steel structures that are required for this warehouse. The other commitment is with the Sahab Engineering consultancy office. Sahab has been given the task of designing the warehouse. Their team has already drafted the design and got it approved by Dammam industrial state and city authorities. Sahab will also supervise all our implementation activities. We will soon get the warehouse design from Sahab engineering consultancy.

We have already devised a team for this project that will work on the project from the beginning till project completion. Assigning one team for a specific project has proved to be a winning strategy for DTC in past projects. Because it gives a clear picture to third parties that who is in charge of the project and who to reach or complain about any issue. With this defined structure of responsibility, it will be easy for team Sahab engineering to coordinate with our team because they will know who is in charge of which activity. It also helps us in making critical decisions because the associated personnel who are working on a project from the beginning are in a much better position to make a better and worthy decision knowing the project inside out. Moreover, such an arrangement also helps us to monitor our project progress.

Our team has visited the site already because we wanted to see the site before planning any activity. The size, shape, and surface area of the site are quite important to plan construction activities as we have to move our machinery to the site for this project. For this project, we are going to offer construction and relevant services. We will deliver a site that will be fully functional. We are currently studying warehouse design and are in the planning phase. We hope to start work soon.