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DTC has signed a contract for Mall


DTC has signed a contract for Mall

Among many elite projects, DTC has just signed a Megaproject with Jawaharat Jizan Co. The contract was signed on 17 January 2019 between both parties as a binding agreement. The contract entitles DTC as the main contractor for the establishment of Hala Mall at Hafr Al-Batin. The Mall will be built on an area of 200,000 square meters which is surely huge. The contractual value is 67,000,000 Saudi Riyal.

The project is one-of-its-kind with its unique design and artistic appeal. The design of the project is drafted by the Ahmed Al Mousa Engineering consultancy office. They will also get the design approved by the City Authorities of Hafr Al-Batin. Our team is already in contact with them and we got the design of the Mall to study and plan our activities. Moreover, Ahmed Al Mousa Engineering consultancy will also supervise our implementation process so we are thinking to let them see our implementation plans once they are developed. As they have designed the Mall they must have good ideas as to where to start. In any case, brainstorming is always good and results in innovative ideas.

Our team has seen the design of the Mall and it’s truly magnificent. The design is so appealing and unique that people will visit it just to appreciate the beauty of this Mall. This project is anticipated for a long time. We are truly happy to be part of such an amazing and high-scale project. The project is so great that it will help in the economic development of KSA as it will give an opportunity for local businessman to sell their products and an opportunity to grow. The project will also result in job creation which will also help the economy grow.

We are currently devising our team who will move to Hafr Al-Batin. We want to include all exert personnel from all departments who are capable enough to work on such a large-scale project with efficiency and effectiveness.

For this project, we will also have to move our machinery and equipment to Hafr Al-Batin. Thankfully we have all the resources and capabilities to do so. We are trying to speed up the team building and planning process so that we can start working on the project practically. Surely such a Megaproject needs some time to plan and planning has its importance. We believe that planning is the most essential element for the success of any project so we will take our time to plan effectively the entire plan.

It is good if we can make engineering designs, drawings and shop drawings. Such paperwork becomes handy and acts as an implementation guide. It also helps to track and monitor performance and the issues that are causing hinderance and results in performance gaps. This is why our team is so keen to do the homework before starting the project. We hope that we will start the implementation phase soon and complete the project with its unique requirements.